Writing articles acc poses a great challenge to many college and university students. Experts from https://essayzoo.org claim that this is because, while in high school, the task was not mandatory. However, while in college, they are expected to be well equipped with the efficient essay writing skills. When given essay writing assignments,the majority do not know how to approach their articles. Most use the same idea in their papers thus making them boring. Others opt to have plagiarism content in their papers. It is essential that every student learns how to write their papers. This is because it has an immense impact on their overall performance. There are different essaysyour professors can ask you to write. For instance; argumentative, persuasive, informative, narrative, descriptive, personal and research papers among others.

Before writing any paper, you need to know what type of paper it is. Additionally, you need to identify the purpose of thepaper. This will help you know how to develop an approach for your essay. In this article, we are going to discuss the guidelines on how to write a research paper. Below are some tips you can use to develop a good research paper moreover you may have a look at some examples on https://essayzoo.org/essay/.

What is a research paper?

As stated earlier, before youwrite a research paper, you need to know and understandwhat is a research paper. A research paper, as the name suggests is an academic articlewritten by an authorwhose researchis based on a particular topic, scrutiny or studyand clarificationof the research findings. A research paper can either be a master’s thesis, a term paper, or adoctoral dissertation. The purpose of a research paper is to show your academic understanding or comprehension of the subject.

Chose a topic for a research paper

After knowing what a research paper is and the purpose it seeks to serve, you need to begin the writing process. First, choose a topic for your paper. Choosing a topic is the firststep to learnhow to start a research paper. Select an interesting and challenging topic for your paper. Develop a positive attitude towards it. This will help you put much effort and enthusiasminto your research. When choosing a topic for your paper, put your focus on a limited aspect. Do not choose a broad topic. Choose one which you can narrow down into a manageable bit. Once you do so, consult your professor(s) about it. If they agree, embark on a full-scale research. Do not select too technical subjects. Also, do not choose topics which have a small range of source materials.

Find and learn information

After selectinga topic, find and learn information. Check out through the website, the library, print materials,online resources, and other databases. Find reliable sources of information to use in writing your paper. Be keen on the domain name extensions. For example, gov(government). After finding your sources, jot down the information. Do not leave any important information that will be useful in your paper.

Choosing your thesis

Develop a thesis statement for your paper. A thesis statement is essential in writing a research paper as it is fundamental in writing any other paper. It is the central point or main idea of your article. It also acts as a declaration of yourcertainty. The thesis statement also helps you to develop the key points to include in the body of the article. Your thesis statement ought to appear in the introductory paragraph. Before you develop the thesis statement, collect, organize, and analyze your findings.

Outline for your research paper

Create an outline for research paper. The outline will act as a road map to writing your paper. Additionally, it helps you to carefully think through your topic. Also, you need to logically organize it before you begin writing. The outline needs to have all the information you have gathered from your research. The research paper formatfor your outline needs to have an introduction, the body, and a conclusion. Ensure you check whether the points noted have a logical flow from one to the other.

Collecting and analyzing information

Once you create the outline for your research paper, you need to collect and analyze information. Include all the information you have gathered from your research in the outline in order. A research paper outline exampleis as follows:


  • State your thesis clearly.
  • State the purpose of your research paper.
  • State how you plan to approach the topic.
  • Briefly explain the points you will cover in the paper.
  • State why the audience needs to be interested in your paper.


  • Present your arguments logically. They will help support your thesis statement. Begin with a strong argument, a stronger one and end with the strongest.


  • Rephrase your thesis statement.
  • Provide a summary of your arguments.
  • Explain why you have developed this conclusion.

Starting your project plan

You can now begin your project plan. Use the outline as a guide. Do not include any information which you have not jotted down in the outline. Ensure you stick and adhere to it.

Check your outline and project plan

After you finish writing your paper, go through it. Check whether you usedthe outline to write the paper. Ensure you have written your key points in a logical manner. Also, check for grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors in your paper. Correct any of them and read your paper once more.

In conclusion, writing a research paper is not hard. You simply need to follow the guidelines discussed above to develop a good article.

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