If you are going to sell or give away your Android phone, please do make sure your privacy is secure. In fact, the simple “Delete” or “Factory data reset” option doesn’t help to protect your privacy on Android phone at all. To wipe Android phone before selling, it is highly recommended to rely on a professional Android data eraser tool.

Why is the “Delete” or “Factory data reset” option useless for erasing Android data?

You might think that when you tap “Delete”, or “Factory data reset” and agree to erase everything on your Android device, your private data will be erased forever from your Android phone. Oh, don’t be silly. As many researchers have found, even though you have erased all content and settings on Android phone from Settings, the deleted data can be restored as long as you use the right recovery tool, such as the Coolmuster Lab. Fone for Android.

This is because in fact the file itself has not been covered or overwritten when you delete a file. After you delete the file, the system only throws it away to somewhere there is space left on your phone. So if you’re going to sell or donate your Android phone, the recoverable data is a real and significant privacy concern. However, there are ways to ensure that your data is truly and completely purged forever.

What Android data eraser tool should I rely on?

There are many Android data eraser tools on the market; however, the Coolmuster Android Eraser has always been outstanding and trusted by most of the users due to its professional data erasure technology and user-friendly customer service. Learn the key features of Coolmuster Android Eraser:

  • Permanently erase all data on Android device, including the private data, deleted data, system settings, etc.
  • Support all types of Android files, including contacts, text messages, videos, photos, music, call logs, apps, books, audios, browsing history, account info, password, bank records, caches, etc.
  • 100% permanent deletion and prevent personal data from being recoverable.
  • 3 progressive levels of data erasing: High Level, Medium Level and Low Level.
  • Be compatible with all Android phones & tablets,such as Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, LG, ZTE, Motorola, etc. (Android 9.0 supported)

So what happens when you erase Android phone? Acting as a history eraser for Android, the Coolmuster Android Eraser will completely and permanently erase everything on your Android device, leaving zero opportunity to be recovered. Therefore, you can surely and safely sell your old Android phone without worrying about privacy leak at all.

How to Erase Everything from Android Phone before Selling?

As long as you have the Coolmuster Android Eraser, things get much easier to securely wipe Android phone before selling. Here’s the step to wipe out everything on Android phone:

Step 1: Make your Android phone recognized by the program.

After you downloaded and installed the program on your computer, please launch it to get started. You can connect your Android phone via Wi-Fi or USB cable.

To connect via USB cable, simply plug your Android phone to a computer with a USB cable, enable USB debugging on your Android phone and follow the onscreen prompts to have your Android phone detected successfully. When your Android phone is connected successfully, please click “Erase” button to move on.

security level for erasing

Step 2: Choose the security level for erasing as you like.

Now, please click the button next to the Security Level and select the erasing level you like: Low Level, Medium Level, and High Level. After selection, type “delete” into the blank to confirm your choice and also click “Yes” when a prompt pops up to ask for your permission for erasing data.

Start to erase Android data.

Step 3: Start to erase Android data.

After quick scanning, the program will begin to erase and then overwrite your Android phone immediately. Please wait for a while.

Factory reset your Android phone from Settings.

Step 4: Factory reset your Android phone from Settings.

When the erasing and overwriting process is complete, it is recommended to restore your Android phone to factory default settings, which will completely erase all system settings and system data from your device. After that, click “Continue” to complete the whole process.

Note: Whether to factory reset your Android phone is your choice. Your privacy data has been erased completely and permanently, but those system settings and system data require to be cleared by a factory reset.

Data Reset

Now your Android phone is new as you got it for the first time. The old Android phone finally has its original storage space and it works perfectly. And you can now safely sell your old Android phone without worrying about your privacy and expect a good price for it. Isn’t that a good idea? If you have any other better Android data eraser tool than this, please share with us.

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