Work Order Software (WOS) declutters the work order process while enhancing serviceability and efficiency at a lower cost of operation. It aids in effortless monitoring of work order, creating a traceable history, and compiling various processes at a single dashboard to streamline it further. 

It will assist you in setting and achieving organizational goals, upholding the highest level of transparency and accountability. Besides streamlining the workflow process, WOS comes handy specifically in the online hiring of developers. Let’s dive deep into the Work Order Software features & functionality and how it can ease out your hiring process.

Types of Work Order Software: 

Simple Work Order Systems: These software packages are designed for any peculiar objective like a common office management system that includes assign, track, and record work orders. Some features are: 

  • Real-time tracking through a centralized platform.
  • They are designed for small businesses.
  • Simple and automated. 

CMMS: Acronym for Computerized Maintenance Management System, designed for large businesses. Some features include: 

  • Automated repair and preventive maintenance.
  • They are designed to handle the company’s maintenance processes.
  • They come bundled with a computerized maintenance team. 
  • They have several value-added features like maintenance schedules, asset history and many others. 
  • You can keep track of all critical equipment and assets.  

FSM: Stands for Field Service Management and is designed for firms having field workers. Features of this WOS are: 

  • Easy tracking, tasks assignment, and performance analysis.
  • Remote clients invoicing.
  • Establish seamless connectivity with the field team. 

Here are a few highlights of Work Order Software that can help you in delving deeper into the process of online hiring of developers

  • AI-powered hiring system: As an HR, better hiring happens with better options with a wide talent pool. The modern WOS, instilled with artificial intelligence, will give you more ways to find better people. These hiring systems are equipped to advertise to more than 200 job sites with a single click of a button. It also ensures tracking, modifying, and smooth management of workflow for users of varied technical skills. 
  • Dynamic engagement and empowerment: The interactive UI and with bundled mobile recruiting app, the Work Order Software empowers businesses to connect with a vast spectrum of potential employees whether it’s a CEO in the boardroom, a Sales Manager in the field or any developer coding in his/her private space.
  • Smooth and quick hiring: WOS offers a consistent evaluation of new hiring with assessment tests, interview kits, and scorecards. These insights about the probable candidate help firms in making well-informed decisions. If it happens at times that HRs lost track of any probable leads because of a huge number of applications, in that case, it segregates applications based on keywords and helps you pick the right candidate for the job.  
  • Reduce redundancies: As an HR, your prime task is to manage human resources, not files. WOS aid HRs by self-scheduling interviews and one-click calendar integrations, so that they can focus on employees’ rewarding stuff. Further, you will get answers faster with an automated system in place taking care of everything starting from job request to final approval letter.
  • Transparency: Work Order Software allows the uploading of work orders with attaching images to uphold accountability. You can also generate, review and receive work orders through mobile devices from any remote location as well. It eliminates the need for running to office desktop all the time for updating the workflow. 
  • Time management: All the scheduling in Work Order Software is automated, saving a huge chunk of time that can be dedicated to innovation. Besides, it controls work orders so that improvements can be made in later stages as well. 
  • Step-by-step follow-up: These systems follow a complete journey of any new recruit while maintaining detailed records of the person in contact.

Along with all these, there are some additional features of Work Order Software including: 

  • Assign work orders to both on-site and field technicians to maintain and ensure on-time completion and delivery of projects. You can also view reports on work order progress easily from any place at any time. 
  • Ensures and strengthen safety procedures by attaching SOPs, instructions, and other relevant documents to all the processes while reducing the need to print and file the details of each and every task. 
  • Customer satisfaction is a big part of WOS that it achieves through improving workflow efficiency. Besides an HR, WOS is helpful to the project manager as they can view completed work and keep track of project costs easily.
  • It maintains an open channel of communication where everyone is updated about the work order statuses. So that tracking of work orders and supplies becomes easy.

Work Order Management Solutions

Work Order Software has formed with predefined fields that assist in maintaining an accurate and uniform record of information about your team. These forms are easily customizable and come with 1000+ templates. If you are interested in creating one specifically for your system, you can do so as well. These customizable forms allow you to:

  • Easily editing and formation of forms with minimum or no requirement of coding at all. 
  • Hassle-free addition of types of fields, edit fields and remove them (if required).
  • Update these forms at any time
  • Samples of fully customizable forms


Be it hiring or system monitoring, Work Order Software is a great management tool for aligning your workflow or in hiring any developer online. However, it can be a tedious task to pick a tool that suits your business requirement, especially if you are starting from scratch. There are a number of WOS out there to pick from. However, it would help if you made a decision that will skyrocket your company’s growth. 

For any organization, following a process is a must. So, start listing down your needs and objectives & choose one that ticks all your parameters. Each and every software available in the market excels in one department or the other. So first, set your goals & expectations and let the Work Order Software do its tricks.

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