Trying to stay healthy in a fast-paced world with fast food and hectic schedules that don’t allow you to care for yourself is quite challenging. We always put dieting and exercising on our new year’s resolution lists in the hopes of getting healthier without following through. However, the perk of the modern world we’re so preoccupied with is the technological advancement in all areas of life, including health. Here’s how you can use smart technology to maintain your health.

  • Enhance Your Sleep

With most people leading fast-paced lives, sleep becomes a not-so-frequent visitor. We’re all acquainted with tossing and turning all night just to catch a couple of hours of sleep before another hectic day. Luckily, technology has not left us to fend for ourselves against insomnia and provided us with sleeping apps that can track and measure our sleeping methods which will give you the necessary insight to improve your nighttime routine. There’s also smart home technology that has lighting settings designed to help you sleep better and eliminate screen time before bed.

  • Keep A Healthy Heart

Heart disease is one the main causes of death in the world, and the most common condition in countries like the USA is coronary artery disease. The condition results from the build-up of cholesterol in the arteries which can be prevented with comprehensive monitoring of your heart. That’s why technology has prioritized this and came up with several devices like a periodic ECG or electrocardiogram which can indicate any cardiovascular abnormalities. There are even portable test devices for those with arrhythmia or A-fit. 

  • Improve Your Diet

We all know that our eating habits play a huge role in our health and fitness, and yet we find it really hard to make the right choices. Fortunately, since this is a global problem, technology has also come up with a solution with apps that help you log in your food and track your calorie intake on a daily basis. This tracking will help you figure out which foods to include in your diet and which ones are too unhealthy. It can also help you control your servings and avoid overeating that causes many health risks.

  • Maintain A Healthy Mind

Keeping a healthy state of mind is a major part of maintaining your overall health. You need to find ways to center yourself among the chaos of your daily life. That’s why the gurus at CFAH recommend taking advantage of CBD oils that help with stress and depression. Smart technology has also given us the gift of meditation apps that help you regulate your thoughts and reduce stress. Apple Watch has also developed an app to gather data for major depressive disorder (MDD) sufferers. Another option is the Muse 2 Brain-Sensing Headband whether you’re a beginner at meditation or want to take it to the next level.

  • Follow Up With Exercise

Just like diets, exercise is also very difficult to maintain, yet it’s essential to keep our bodies in shape. Even though trackers have always been around for athletes, smartphones and watches now allow anyone to keep track of their activity throughout the day, and get to know if it’s enough or not to stay healthy. Other than built-in activity trackers, there are special apps designed to give you short daily workouts designed to fit your needs. Don’t worry, you’ll be sent daily reminders so that you don’t skip a day or two. Consider purchasing a FitBit which doesn’t only remind you to exercise but coordinates your workout with calorie intake and keeps track of activities and their effects. You can also use online calculators like this TDEE Calculator.

  • Monitor Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, like heart disease, is another major problem that a huge percentage of people suffer from. High blood pressure contributes to the thickening, increasing the risk of having a heart attack or stroke. Many suffer from this because it’s difficult to always keep track of their blood pressure, another issue solved now by smart technology. There are now Wireless blood pressure monitors designed to connect to smartphones at any time and measure both blood pressure and heart rate. 

These are just some of the ways you can use smart technology to maintain your health. There are, of course, endless devices, gadgets, and apps out there made specifically to keep us healthy. The most important thing is not to replace this technology with actually going for a check-up with a physician every 6 months at least to get a full review of your health status and take it from there using the modern tools. This will decrease your chance of developing serious health conditions in the future and lower healthcare costs from your budget!

Founder, editor, and contributor at Technosoups. Shubham has been a gadget freak since longer than he cares to admit and loves everything to do with technology. He loves to address tech issues​es and write tech how-to's in a way that it can be followed by everyone.