Have you ever felt that you could be more independent if you ran your own business? Many people with this thought start an entrepreneurial business online, only to find out that they have to invest a ton of time into completing countless tedious steps with very little to show for it. By using certain online tools, a few pieces of special software and a couple of insider tips you can streamline your online business and take some of the sting out of this difficult process. Marketing automation and other similar technologies can put you on the fast track to success.

Change can be difficult, so consider implementing just one of the following tips. Once you see how well it works, you’ll want to try them all.

Consolidate the Business Software Your Company Relies on

Many small business owners use a number of different software packages to manage their companies. While you’ll probably need a separate word processor or graphic design app, there’s no reason you can’t use one spreadsheet program to do everything from order entry to accounting. Data entry can usually be handled by a single integrated platform instead of a number of smaller programs.

Once you start to consolidate apps, you’ll be able to save money since you’ll be maintaining a much smaller set of solutions. Some developers now offer packages of tools that feature analytic bundles software as well as market research apps, so you can save even more money.

Make it Easier for Users to Donate

Sites that offer reference materials and other creative content often rely on donations, even if they’re not technically non-profit organizations. Of course, if you run an NGO this is even more important. Install a decent donation software widget that’s not obtrusive but is still noticeable enough that users will be aware of the fact that you’re soliciting donations. You may want to implement one that allows you to accept cryptocurrency and other alternative payment methods to maximize your potential. (just have a careful think about the payment processor you’re using, whether its Stripe, PayPal or another)

Implement a Social Media Management Platform

Have you noticed that new customers are starting to come to your website by clicking links on social media? Social media is more pervasive than ever, so this might very well be the case. Try using a social media management tool that makes it easier to keep track of multiple social accounts. This will give you the ability to leverage existing content on more than one platform without having to hire full-time marketing consultants.

No one wants to be accused of spam, but there’s no problem with posting similar content on more than one social network if it’s something that your customers can genuinely engage with.

Replace Traditional Code with a Content Management System

When companies want to expand their site, they either have to start writing code or hire a web developer. Both methods waste time and money. A content management system (CMS) makes it easy to create new content and post it anywhere without having to mess with source code. The cost of this kind of technology is far less than retaining a web developer, so it can lead to savings in the long-run even if it might seem a bit expensive to begin with.

Revamp Your Editorial Calendar

Regardless of whether you have a team of writers or make all of your own content, you need an editorial calendar to reduce the amount of work needed to keep your outlets up to date. If you already have one in place, then this is a perfect time to take a second look at it and see where it could benefit from some changes. Make sure that all of your ideas for new content are laid out. Ensure that everything has a specific publication date, so you’ll know exactly when something is supposed to run.

Invest in Automation

AI usage is on the rise, and it doesn’t seem like there’s any chance of it slowing down. Companies around the world are taking advantage of sophisticated new scripts that can automate repetitive processes. For a long time, AI apps could only really double-check mathematical work for errors or compile information from a variety of sources.

While you’ll still want to deploy AI tools to take care of these tasks, information processing isn’t the only thing that these tools are used for these days. You can invest in bots that can manage your marketing content, post new material at certain times and even generate new content based on certain set rules.

Hitting Your Stride in the World of Online Business

Running a business can be very rewarding, but it takes a lot of work and often offers little to no return on investment. However, there are countless tools out there that can make things at least a bit easier. Once you find the best way to streamline your workflows, all the work you put into your company will be worth it.

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