How to speed up Chrome browser up to 5 times faster

Google Chrome is one of the fastest available browsers in today’s time. Although Internet explorer and Safari are the inbuilt browsers in Windows and Mac. But the users of this browser are way more than these two in the all over the world. What make this browser so popular??

It is not just security, plugin or Compatibility with your device. It is the speed, the smoothness of this browser.

However as per user experiences, after some time it also appears to decrease in the browsing speed. Many users just uninstall and reinstall it, in the hope of improving the performance of this browser.However, still, they didn’t get what they were looking for. So below I am providing six simple steps to speed up your Chrome browser, which can speed up Chrome browser up to 5 times faster.

1. Make sure it is up to date!

I know it is very common and many users don’t understand the essence of up gradation.  They just cling to the one they have downloaded in the past. This is one of the main reason for the slowness of the browser. Time to time up gradation is very much necessary.

speed up chrome browser up to 5 times fasterYou can update your chrome by using following steps

Go to Chrome Menu> Setting > AboutUpdate

2. Disable unnecessary plugin:

Some specific site pages need the plugin for their proper operation. They are the essential component for running their unique content. Such as Adobe Flash player plugin for site. But on the same, there is also some additional plugin too, which we install in our chrome intentionally or unintentionally. So by removing all these unnecessary plugins can boost up your Chrome browser.

Use following steps to Disable additional plugin:

Step 1: Type chrome: plugins in your browser and List of install plugin will appear on the screen.

Disable unnecessary plugin to Speed up your chrome
Disable unnecessary plugin

Step 2: Select all the unwanted plugin

Step 3:  Disable them.

Note: You can also change the installation setting of the plugin from automatic to manual. So that not a single plugin will install on your PC without your permission. Follow these steps to change the setting.

Step 1: Go to right side chrome menu and select Setting.

Step 2:  In the setting section below there will be a Show advanced settings option. Open it.

speed up chrome browser up to 5 times faster
Content setting option in the chrome browser

Step 3: now click on the content configuration option in the privacy and a window will open with a lot of option.

Unsandboxed Plugin section to choose the option
Unsandboxed Plugin section to choose the option

Step 4: In Unsandboxed Plugin section there is three option chose the “ Ask when a site wants to use a plugin to access your computer.”

Step 5: click on ‘Done.’

3. Disable unnecessary Extension:

Many Extensions is employed in the browser UI. They are different from the plugins. They are not limited to the page. You may have seen many toolbar options in your browsers such as search toolbar, antivirus toolbar and much more. They all are the extension. Similar to the plugin we can also disable them.(You can also remove them permanently ). This will also help to speed up your chrome browser. Use following steps to Disable unnecessary plugin

Disable unnecessary Extension:
Disable unnecessary Extension

Step -1: Type chrome: extensions in your browser and the List of install extension will appear on the screen.

Step-2:  Deselect the unnecessary plugin and disable it on the browser.

*There is also a delete sign with all the extension, You can also delete them if you don’t want to use them in future

4. Enable “Preload” Feature:

It is the magical feature of Chrome which can drastically increase the speed of your browser. With this feature enabled in your browser, Chrome can preload some pages in the background of your interest. For example, if you type ‘facebook’ in your browser then in the background it will already load the page Check out the official site to know more.

Enable “Preload” Feature:
Enable “Preload” Feature:

To enable this feature to follow these steps

Step 1.  Go to Chrome Setting> Advanced setting

Step 2.  Check  “use a prediction service to load page more quickly.“

5. Close the unused Tab

More the tabs you have opened in the Chrome browser, it will take more time to respond. So it is best to shut down an unused tab to see to immediate effect in your browsing experience. To close a tab:

6. Clear your browsing history

It is a very common practice to speed up any browser, but we ignore, but time to time making your browsing history clear will also improve your browser performance.


The methods will surely work for you if you have tried any other way to speed up your Google Chrome browser then let us know. Try the above provided mehtods to improve you google chrome browser and let us know which works well for you.