Want to save your time, yourself, and make things easier by not writing several documents and etc for several times? Want to manage all of it at once? Then, don’t worry because by mail merge you can do all of that. 

In this article, we would tell you a lot about mail merge, its uses, and how to send a mail merge with google sheets to others. Just stay with us till the end, and you are good to go. So, let’s start with everything. 

What is Mail Merge, and what are its uses 

Mail merge is a feature in most data processing applications that allows users to send letters or similar documents to multiple recipients. It also allows you to connect a single form template to a data source that contains information about names, addresses, and other predefined, and supported recipient elements/data. It makes things easier and saves a lot of time. It saves you from writing several letters, documents, etc for several times. It will do all of that at once. You can also integrate salesforce to google sheets to send multiple emails on a single go. 

Mail merge can be used in many ways like If you are hosting a party/marriage or anything big at home, you can mail a combined personalized email invitation to all your friends, business owners can use the newsletter to inform customers of upcoming offers, and promotions, the sales and marketing teams use consolidation, for drip irrigation activities, teachers can send personal assignments, and reports to students via email, and so on. You can make a lot of things easier by using mail merge. 

How to send a mail merge with google sheets? 

Gmass is one way that will help you get the job done. It’s a Gmail bulk, and mail merges system. By using this software, you can send mail merge activities with automatic tracking functions through Gmail. How to do it? We will tell you the whole process of it. So, read carefully – 

First, create a spreadsheet in plain text. Manage the rows and columns carefully. For instance, maintain 4-5 columns with each name as first name, last name, email I’d, city, state, company name, their purchase, etc. (You can check the above-mentioned image for reference) Now, fill in the details in the rows as per the titles. Make sure to do it correctly.

Now, login to your Gmail account, and you will find a google sheets icon on the upper right hand side. Then, click the icon, and it will show you all the sheets, and a pop-up window will appear. Then, you can select Google Sheet to import recipient data.


After this, you need to choose your preferred worksheets, only in the case if you have a lot of them. Otherwise, move ahead.

The next step is to see what duplicated items are needed to be kept, and what are to be removed. Manage your rows and columns, as we said before. There might be two rows or columns containing the same data. Decide whether you want them or want to delete them. 

Now, after doing everything, double-checking everything, you are ready to go for this last step where you only need to merge. You just need to click on the gmass word in order to send your mail merge

Conclusion : 

With this, you are done with your job, and you can easily send a mail merge with your google sheets with the help of Gmass. It’s easy, doesn’t take a lot of your time, and works well. So, we hope this article was helpful for you as we have mentioned all the details that you needed to know about. Now, you can get the job done quickly by just following our process. 

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