Do you often puzzle over what you should share in stories? We know how to solve this phone problem without spending money and investing in the content creators. For example, you can take advantage of the special Instagram story downloader which can scrape someone’s story for you in seconds. The fact is that by default, the application doesn’t provide the function of reposting someone’s stories to your account if you are not tagged on this story. That is, if you personally don’t know the creators and they don’t put you in this story, then you will not be able to share it in your profile. 

This is sometimes very frustrating! Because you may want to share a unique story with all followers. But the application only allows you to do this in private messages. 

Instagram stories

So by using additional services you will be able to share stories that other users publish on their profiles, even if they didn’t tag you. Stories will be saved in their original quality with a music track, which will allow you to easily share this content to your profile. 

That is, if earlier you could take a screenshot or shoot or record a screen, you could be upset with what quality you ended up with. But there will be no such problems if a professional scraper extracts exactly the file for you in the same form in which it was published on a social network.

How to save Instagram stories from other users anonymously 

A big advantage of using the downloader is also that you can watch content without being displayed in the list of viewers. That is, it can be a solution to your problems if you do not want anyone to know that when you visit a user. 

That is, for example, you really want to watch a series of stories but being noticeable to this person is a nightmare. You don’t want your nickname to show up on the viewers list. Anonymous viewing will sometimes save your life, especially since you may not even have a personal Instagram account and still have access to the stories of other users!

This is possible because the web tool opens the content for you through a browser and never requires you to log into your personal profile. So, you can be sure that the user will never guess and will not receive any notifications that you were on their profile and watched content. Step-by-step instructions for downloading and browsing stories anonymously are very simple. 

  • The first step is to open the downloader. You can open it both from a phone and a computer, the main thing you need to have is a browser, because this is essentially a regular site. One proven and tested service is called Toolzu. You can try it or find any other that you like more.
  • Insert a link to the user or enter their nickname. 
  • After that, you will see in the browser window all the stories that were shared within the past 24 hours. This will allow you to stay unnoticed and at the same time export the video or photo that was shared on the profile.
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