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How to respond and prevent Cyberbullying : Its not your fault!

In many ways cyberbullying, can be much scarier than physical bullying and much harder to escape too we are going to read and learn the 4-step method for escaping the clutches of cyber bullies, are we going?

Prevent cyberbullying

Unsurprisingly cyberbullying is extremely detrimental to your health How? the journal of adolescent research health found that cyber bullying victims are more likely to become more depressed than targets of traditional bullying and cyber bullying don’t have much in the way of  motive either. With bullying, there’s normally an imbalance of power but here you don’t necessarily have to be powerful to harass someone online which is alarming as it sounds. All the weapon the bullies required is a fast internet connection and a computer. Apparently 60% of the cyber bullies engage in online manipulation and aggression just for fun which is inhumane and absurdly dismaying.

I know it really doesn’t matter or of any help to know that someone who’s harassing you has no reason to do so but you should be knowing the fact that it does have very little to do with you and everything to do with bully’s insecurities and fears. You can’t possibly help the bully or fight but what you can do is to avoid being cyber bullied whenever possible and extract and save yourself from the situation.here are some of the important points which you should follow to prevent Cyberbullying.

  1. Privacy is the best policy

Take some moment and go through all the account or place where you store and save your private data. Keep the privacy of your social media and data to be your first priority and make sure your privacy settings are on red alert. Try googling your name and monitor what comes up, make sure your social media don’t give up anything like email address, address, number

  1. Don’t Response or retaliate

I know this probably the hardest thing to shake off as you’re constantly being provoked by those awful mean messages but don’t get carried away. It’s tempting I understand but thing way responding to the bullies will encourage the as you’re giving what they want REACTION. Just delete the message and bi Buzz off.

  1. BLOCK the VOICE

Well do you know what’s better than ignoring the bullies, making it almost impossible to contact or message you. How will you do that, well if you’re on some kind of messaging app then set your settings so that only your contacts and friends can message you and if this fails we do have another path to go over try being underground (not literally) block any anonymous user or person likely to be dangerous. If you could temporarily deactivate your social media, stuff this sounds but for bullies it is like sucker punch on the face.

  1. Telling and gathering proofs

First thing you should always do to threatening messages and bullies is to report them to the help center or whichever center you may like but surely DO.  It is known that cyberbullying is a punishable offence, heavy penalty and sentence can be charged against the guilty. Tho some people may think that their identity is hidden so they can have got away with everything but what they don’t know that they’re leaving cyber imprints and with investigation they’ll get caught in no time. Always gather sufficient and solid proofs against these bullies by saving the emails and messages, you may show this to some other person which is extremely helpful.

Always remember you’re never alone, there many anti-cyberbullying centers where you can ask for help don’t give up on yourself fight against the parasites and be strong. they owe nothing of you so why pretend and show weak. Stand and take necessary precautions. Stay Safe.