In today’s high-tech world, we experience everything bigger and better. We now able to capture images with such a high resolution that we can find even the minute details of the photographs. But when it comes to using these high resolutions images for your articles or blog we found a lot of difficulties such as large file size which slow down your pages. At the same time to handle a large dimension image is not an easy task. So a proper photo size reducer and resizing are necessary.  Earlier people had to use some software even for these small editing, But in today’s time, there are plenty of websites available for reducing the photo size online for free.

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In my research what I considered to choose the best free online photo size reducer are:

  •  It should be Fast
  •  Should not be complicated (online we don’t do Photoshop stuff!)
  •  Multiple-image editing option (To save our time)
  •  Must have basic features such as resizing, cropping etc
  •  Converting of images into other formats.
  •  On-screen preview
  •  And the last obviously FREE!

So here we are providing the Top 5 best  online photo size reducer which you can try for editing your photos and can save a lot of time.


resize-online is one of the best editing tools available on the internet. In the first look you may not impress but after using it for a couple of time you will realise how fast and convenient this tool is. The best part of this website is that you can work on multiple images on your computer or any other electronic devices very easily and in a very fast manner.

You can adjust any image to your preferred size in just 2 simple steps. Upload images and resize it and boom! You are done..

Pro :

»   Very Fast editing
»   Simple interface, easy to use
»   Image Format can be changed (Jpeg, PNG Available)
»   The best tool for website making where sometime we need to insert multiple images with same widths.

Con :

»  Can’t change the aspect ratio. No manual selection.
»  No preview
»  Limited option for Editing.
»  Only for Jpeg and PNG format.


If the file size is the main priority for you then I am damn sure you will like Optimizilla. Famous websites or are also the part of Optimizilla.  Here we can manually change the quality of the photo keeping our photo’s dimensions intact.  So the next time if you want to decrease the large megabyte file image in just some Kbs then is the place to visit.


As we upload the photos on this site it will automatically compress the image in an optimum manner without asking anything. But if you want to dig more into it. You can select the custom setting and manually change the quality of the images.

The good thing about this site is that in the manual selection we can also check the side by side preview of the image as we increase or decrease the quality.

Pro :

»   optimally compress up to 20 images in one click
»   Side by side preview.
»   No change in dimension.

Con :

» Resizing  not available
» Limited editing option


Tiny PNG for reducing photo

This is one of the trusted sites and followed by many internet users for editing their photos online. The popularity of this site because of its unique features which provide a balance between quality and File size.  As you upload the images in the website in few seconds it gives you the best possible compressed image with a negligible change in the quality but a major change in file size.

Tinypng is using smart lossy compression techniques to reduce the file size of your images.

Pro :

»   Animated PNG compression also available
»   Optimum compression

Con :

»  No manual selection.
»  Not as fast as compare to other
»  Limited option for Editing.

4 .

Canava Photo editor

Canava photo editor is one of the Fast; easy and the best photo editor available online. This website includes all the major editing features which generally we use when we go for editing the images. You can Crop, Resize, Rotate or flip your photo very easily in this site. It has also the filter option with more than 15 unique filters which you can use to enhance the beauty of your photographs. But the best part of this website is that it shows the preview with all your selected options. So you need not do download first the image to see the changes. But the only problem with this site is that there is no option for maintaining the file size or quality. For compression, purpose needs to look for another sites or software.

Pro :

»   Very fast
»   Best for Resizing
»   Feature Rich
»   On-screen preview

Con :

»   Compression Option not there
»   Not as fast as compare to other
»   Multiple photos editing option not here
»   Not for website developer who needs            small size images


Shrink Picture photo editing

To decreasing the size of a photo can also be a good site to use.  This website was mainly designed to create small sizes avatar.  This website also has the option to create shrink image for Facebook with just 1 click.

Pro :

»   Good for making Avatar, or Facebook photos
»   Reduce a lot of sizes

Con :

»   Multiple photo Compression Option         not available
»   Only perform jpeg compression technique