You are already going through a hard and probably emotional time in your life if you are wondering how to read my girlfriend’s WhatsApp messages without her knowing. According to infidelity stats, more than 46% of girlfriends have admitted that they have cheated on their boyfriends. Almost half of these girlfriends also said that they never told their partners about their affair.

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These are quite intimidating stats for a partner or a boyfriend who suspects that his girlfriend isn’t loyal to him anymore. However, direct confrontation isn’t often the right way to go about it since it can lead to further grief and distress. This is why a boyfriend might think that if I can read my girlfriend’s WhatsApp messages and track photos I can ensure if she’s being loyal to me or not.

Why You May Want to Read your Girlfriend’s WhatsApp Messages?

There are many signs and red flags that make you suspect that your girlfriend is cheating on you. Some of the key signs that can hint towards disloyalty are as follows:

  • If your girlfriend has been acting strange and has become quite possessive about her phone
  • If she has become emotionally and physically distant and tries to avoid having a conversation about it
  • If she has started to pay extra attention to her appearance, grooming, and the way she dresses
  • If she is consistently coming late and always has an excuse that doesn’t sound like the truth
  • If she is being too kind to you with gifts and compliments in an attempt to mask her guilt

These are some of the signs that might indicate that your girlfriend is not being loyal to you.

What is a WhatsApp Spy Application?

A WhatsApp spy application is a software or a service that can access instant messages and media on someone else’s phone and deliver it to you through a web portal. These apps use cloud-based backdoors or you have to install the app on the target phone which works in the background to collect information on your behalf.

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Having said that, not all spy apps are legit and many are just trying to get you to install their promotional adware, malware, or even a virus, especially free spy apps. This is why it is imperative that you only use trustworthy spy apps if you are thinking about how to read my girlfriend’s WhatsApp.

Apps to Find out Who My Girlfriend’s Texting on WhatsApp – Which is The Best?

There are multiple apps available on both Android and iOS app stores but as mentioned earlier, you need to be wary of these apps. To make your decision process easier and much more convenient, we have created a list of top five spy apps that you can use to read your girlfriend’s WhatsApp messages without her knowing.

  1. mSpy – Editor’s Choice

When you are searching for the best spy app for reading your girlfriend’s WhatsApp messages, you will find it hard to find a better app than mSpy. It is an affordable, user-friendly, and feature-rich spying solution that allows you to keep an eye on all online activities of your girlfriend while providing you access to WhatsApp chats, photos, media, and conversation history.

Do not forget that mSpy isn’t just about reading WhatsApp messages. It is a complete cell phone monitoring solution that can accumulate all data and information present on the phone. Here are the key features of mSpy.

  • Monitor Girlfriend’s Calls – The mSpy app can be used to monitor incoming and outgoing calls from your girlfriend’s phone with all the related details including contact number, call duration, and time stamps.
  • Monitor Girlfriend’s Texts – You can use the app to see who your girlfriend is texting with. SMS monitoring enables you to see sent, received and even deleted texts on your girlfriend’s phone.
  • Monitor Girlfriend’s Browsing History – The mSpy monitoring solution also provides you access to your girlfriend’s browsing history along with her social media activity. You can see what websites she has visited even if she has deleted the history.
  • Track Your Girlfriend’s Location – If you have concerns that your girlfriend has been lying about her whereabouts then you can use this mSpy feature to monitor her live location in real-time. This will give you enough evidence to find out whether she’s cheating on you or you’ve misinterpreted the circumstances.
  1. Highster Mobile

This app is primarily a cell phone monitoring solution designed for parents so they can keep an eye on their children’s activities. The app allows them to monitor calls, texts, instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, and browsing history. It is not as feature-rich as mSpy, however, it can get the job done.

  1. Mobistealth

This is an alternative app that can be used to read your girlfriend’s WhatsApp messages. There are some features on this app that wouldn’t work unless you jailbreak or root the iPhone or Android device. That creates an issue for non-technologically savvy users.

  1. Spyier

If you are just looking for a simple monitoring solution that works, Spyier can be the app you might be interested in. While it is simple to use and offers a wide range of features that you might be interested in as a boyfriend, it might be overkill for what you are looking for. Minimum pricing starts at $39.99 per month for a single device which is quite steep and you might be paying for features you have no use of.

  1. XNSpy

XNSpy is probably one of the worthy competitors of mSpy when it comes to delivering user-friendliness and affordability in a single package. However, there are some reliability issues and you may find that the customer service is not up to par.

Final Word

If you are a concerned boyfriend who is wondering how to read my girlfriend’s WhatsApp messages without her knowing, the ideal way available to you is to use a spy app like mSpy. It combines the best of performance, features, and price to deliver you a great cell phone monitoring experience.

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