Florida isn’t named the Sunshine State for nothing. It’s where you go when you want to feel the sun on your face as you would at some tropical paradise in the Caribbean or East Africa.

It’s all so magical and picturesque until you realize that Florida’s summers can be pretty hot enough to cause serious complications like sunburns, heat stress, and heat strokes in worst-case scenarios.

Let’s help you prepare for Florida’s summer heat with these tips for keeping cool.

Stay Hydrated

Everybody knows how vital it is to stay hydrated at all times, especially in the summer. Dehydration impairs your body’s functions because you’ve lost more fluids than you’ve taken.

The summers in Florida will definitely challenge your water intake capacity. With a daily temperature range of around 73° F and 95° F, you’re likely to be drenched in sweat every time you’re active outdoors.

Keep your body temperature within the normal range by drinking plenty of water, whether you’re thirsty or not. Aim for the amount recommended for hot summer days.

Get a Powerful Sunblock

The sunny can be inviting, but the harmful UVA and UVB rays are still part of the package. It would help to get a powerful sunblock to protect your skin whenever you go outside.

A broad-spectrum sunscreen cream would be just as good for your protection. Remember to bring the cream with you wherever you go, as it would help you manage the heat besides protecting your skin.

Stay Out of the Sun

Prolonged exposure to the sun is a bad idea, even if you’re sunbathing at the beach. Keep exposure to a minimum by staying in the shades. You can still enjoy your day outdoors without roasting yourself.

If you’re working outside, take breaks often to allow your body to cool down. And if you can manage, be most active outside in the morning, mid-morning, and evening as that enables you to avoid the hottest part of the day: the afternoon.

Understandably, you may not help being outside for most of the day. In that case, bring an umbrella or wear a hat.

Avoid Strenuous Activities

Strenuous activities when it’s sweltering out there is a problem. The more you strain yourself, the faster you lose body fluids. Your temperature will also continue to rise, which could result in heatstroke.

If possible, limit your activities during the hottest hours of the day to stay cool. However, if your job involves working in the heat, like in construction, keep a towel you douse in water to cool yourself.

Dress Right

Heavy clothes in the summer will just make you more uncomfortable and raise your body temperature even more.

Florida heat demands light fabrics and breathable ones to help cool you down. When shopping for summer outfits, choose loose fits, even if you prefer otherwise, because when sweating sets in, you will wonder why in the world you opted for a tight fit.

Additionally, go for brighter colors because they don’t absorb much heat compared to darker colors.

Just Try to Relax!

Florida’s summer heat can be unsettling, even to the locals. For a newcomer, the heat may seem like a nightmare. It may feel like there’s nowhere to hide, especially when it’s hot indoors, and the AC seems like it’s not doing much.

You don’t want to let the heat break you. Much of the worry and stress make you more uncomfortable, hindering you from thinking straight.

Try to relax and think of ways of lowering your temperature. If you’re having difficulty relaxing and are obsessing with the heat and discomfort, use calming techniques to regain control.

If you’re already struggling with conditions like anxiety and stress that seem to be getting out of hand with the heat, try remedies known to help with stress and anxiety.

Certain practices like yoga and meditation, as well as herbs like Withania somnifera and marijuana, can help regulate stress response. Though, considering the illegal status of weed in Florida, you may want to check if you qualify for the medical program.

Final Thoughts

Floridians definitely enjoy the summers, and as hot as it may get, it doesn’t have to be a problem. The best you can do is take precautions when the sun is in full swing, and you will have a memorable summer without issues.

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