Promoting an online store is a rather time-consuming process. It will take a lot of time to rise to the top positions of search engines, deep knowledge, complex analytics. In the absence of practical experience is better to involve an SEO-specialist. To control the process or do it yourself, you should know the basics of website optimization in e-commerce.

SEO includes several areas. The priority of tasks and the order of work can be adjusted because it depends on the specifics of the project being promoted. The necessary nature of changes is determined by analyzing the resource itself, the thematic niche, and competitive websites.

Here is a classic scheme of the seo-optimization of a commercial project.

Semantic core assembly

Start by laying a solid foundation – semantics. The first thing to do is to define priority keywords for which potential clients are looking for information online. On their basis a semantic core is made up. This element is a hierarchical structure of search queries – an ordered list of keywords that accurately reflect the nature of the niche, the range of topics and direction of the site. The kernel helps to bring the robot and user to the right pages. The level of attendance depends on the correctness of its assembly.

The sequence of links in the structure:

  • High-frequency. Short general requests (home page).
  • Average frequency requests. Two complicated phrases with specification (sections, headings, categories).
  • Low-frequency. Rare queries to find a specific product (product cards, information articles).

To pick up the list of keywords, you can use the help function in Google, services of Serpstat, Google Ads, Keyword Tool.

Relevant queries you should focus on are determined by the following criteria:

  • frequency. The higher frequency of a phrase brings more potential traffic. To achieve the best effect, you should use not only high-frequency but also low-frequency queries, which allow you to enter the TOP more quickly;
  • topic. Keywords should correspond to the subject, site content. This is taken into account when ranking;
  • competition. The lower is the competition on request, the higher is the probability of ranking by key;
  • purpose. It is desirable that the selected phrases reflect the commercial purpose of the resource.

A distinction is made between information, navigation, category and other types of keywords. The most important for an online store – commodity and commercial. For example, “buy a Samsung Galaxy J6 smartphone”, “Children’s Tom m sneakers”.

Clustering of search queries

The next step is to group the keywords.

Clustering of the semantic core is performed in several ways:

  • manually in Microsoft Excel;
  • in special paid programs (Serpstat);
  • through paid and free online services (best SEO toolkit).

The process involves the distribution of selected phrases into appropriate groups, the breakdown by pages of the promoted resource – headings, sections, articles. This is necessary to ensure that requests are relevant to the content, the user gets the most accurate, relevant answers.

Work with the site’s structure

Ease of interaction with the resource is one of the metrics taken into account when ranking. The chances of getting to the TOP are influenced by the correctness of the structure. As the project develops, adding new categories and products, the site quickly becomes more complex. It is necessary to initially organize an online store so that it was not difficult to navigate.

Characteristics of the quality structure:

  • clear, convenient for perception of CNC addresses;
  • located in a prominent place, competently composed navigation menu with ordered and logical categories;
  • correct navigational chain;
  • minimal separation of the site pages from the main one;
  • A lack of duplicated content.

Not every level of the structure needs to be indexed. It is better to focus on popular pages that are in real demand.


SEO-optimization is an important condition for the effective promotion of an online store. There is not much traffic: ignoring promotion condemns the project to failure. By engaging in SEO, you make a profitable investment in your own business. For maximum return, use an individual approach, consult with experts, and conduct a preliminary audit, which will identify errors and indicate the necessary range of work.

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