Are you worried that you would lose those pictures that remind you of some beautiful memories in your life? Or even those important work files. It’s possible to transfer those files, all of them to your new gadget.

With the advent of technology, the world has transcended into a digital world. Most of our activities now take place online. For some of us who use a device or gadget for long before disposing of it, you’ll realise that you have lots of data and files you wouldn’t like to lose on changing the device.

How To Move Your Data To Another Gadget

How about the pictures on your old phone? The documents on your PC? It’s almost as though a good percentage of your life’s work exists on your device. Losing it is not an exciting thing to think about.

So if you are looking for how to move your data to your new gadget, this will help you.

Here are four simple ways to make this transfer easily and successfully;

1# Google Drive or Dropbox:

Google Drive or Dropbox

The google drive app or Dropbox app are similar in functionality. Google Drive is owned by Google and to use it or the Dropbox app you need to have an account. You can store and transfer files using this medium only when you have uploaded the files on the app. You can also change the format of the files as per the need in the google drive. To transfer your files through drive or Dropbox, you’ll have to upload them first, then copy the drive or dropbox link and send it via any messaging app or email to be accessed by your new device. Meanwhile, you can just upload and store them on these apps. After which you log in to the apps with your new device and download them from there.

2# USB Cable:

USB Cable

To move your data from an old device to another device you can make use of the USB Cable. For example, moving files from your phone to your PC or from your PC to your phone. To do this, connect the two devices with the cable, then you would receive an android system notification on your phone. Select the option titled ‘Tap for other USB options'(the notifications might vary depending on the phone or device, this is for Android phone). Click on transfer files, then open file explorer on your PC and you’ll be shown your phone listed as available devices. Open it and start transferring your files.

3# Bluetooth:


You can transfer files such as photos, music, etc using bluetooth. There are different steps you can follow to do this, depending on the kind of device or gadget you are using. But if you are using an Android device, go to file manager, locate the particular file you wish to move, click on the ‘share icon’ and select ‘Bluetooth’. After this, select the device you are transferring to and that’s all!

4# With Sendanywhere app:

Sendanywhere app

This app is compatible with both Android and iOS so you have to ensure you have the app on the two devices. You can also use the web version. When you click on send, your receiver should also receive by adding the code displayed on your screen.

Moving your data and files to another device is an easy thing to do if you have the right tools. However, with the tools and steps we have shared above, it should be a walkover for you.

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