Video gaming has gone mainstream and is now a goliath global industry. Not only has the technology underpinning games and consoles become much better, but the diversity within games has become so grand that there’s bound to be a title that appeals to you.

One of the proponents behind the rise of video gaming has been the internet, with consoles and computers connecting people from around the world to play games. Online gaming has been seen as the future of video games, and even though single-player experiences have been able to stand firm, the vast majority of top new releases come with online and multiplayer aspects. Even if a game doesn’t come with online elements, you can bet that someone will be using the internet to connect with others who also enjoy the game.

But it’s not just the console and PC users who are enjoying a diverse library of online games, with mobiles almost accidentally becoming one of the major gaming platforms. Now, perhaps the biggest name in the smartphone industry is embracing its gaming potential, teaming up with a recognized console brand to amplify its games offering.

With so much going on in gaming, particularly online, everyone wants to get the best experience possible. So, here are some great ways to mod up your online gaming experience.

Embrace streaming

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Streaming and online gaming go hand in hand these days. Not only are companies deploying live streaming technology to offer authentic experiences in games like Monopoly and Dream Catcher at Genesis Casino as well as to stream video games to any screen, but everyday gamers are also making use of streaming platforms to showcase their gaming skill and bring entertainment to others.

Streaming has become a secondary line of entertainment within the entertainment space of video games, with people all over the world flooding to streaming platforms to offer content as well as watch other people play video games. It’s one of the reasons why eSports has been able to enjoy such a monumental rise, and video game companies are more than happy to invest in the streaming side of games.

Incorporating a live stream and a platform to your gaming could help to immerse you in the gaming community further, adding extra meaning to your playtime as you’ll accrue and audience and fan base. If you do get into streaming in this way, there are even more ways that the technology can mod up your gaming in the near future too, with The Guardian showing that the Google Stadia video game streaming platform is set to revolutionize gaming, particularly online multiplayer gaming through its links to YouTube.

Make mobile gaming even easier

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You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t have a game installed on their phone these days. Even if it’s something along the lines of a freemium simulation title or a word game, everyone likes to try out these accessible and most free-to-download mobile games at least once or twice to burn some minutes now and then.

However, Apple is taking a stand to show that their devices are capable of delivering a gaming experience more akin to that of console gaming as opposed to the ‘lite’ gaming model often associated with mobile gaming. Along with their online gaming subscription service Apple Arcade, CNET reports that the technology giant has teamed up with Microsoft to make Xbox Wireless Controllers compatible with many of their new Arcade games. Not only does this be-rid of the cumbersome touch-screen analog control system that holds back many of the more advanced mobile games, but by brand association, it adds a level of prestige to the Apple Arcade games.

Streaming and mobile gaming are major parts of the modern gaming industry, and broadcasting your gaming, watching how others game, and even getting a controller to support your mobile gaming can be great ways to mod up your online gaming experience.

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