Hey fellas! Did you know that now you can mirror your Mac on any other device with the least hassle and utmost ease? Well, JustStream is what makes this job possible for you. This is to evaluate how does this application works and how can it make your life easier. 

Today, people are rapidly moving towards online streaming services from the traditional TV-based content industry. 

One major reason for this is the availability of huge content and relatively lower prices that you have to pay on streaming platforms. These platforms are rich in all types of content and for a real cinema lover; these would serve as the perfect dish. 

But, when you watch the content, you either need a phone, tablet, PC or a laptop. This makes things a bit complicated and because you may need to know about a few applications and you may need to know how to operate them as well. 

These complications are eliminated when you watch anything on TV. This is why JustStream is going to be so helpful for you, as it empowers you to mirror your Mac on any device namely – Samsung smart TV, Roku’s TV, Apple TV, LG TV, Chromecast, or Sony. 

Now, your Mac can be mirrored to a huge catalog of devices for your convenience. 

Features of JustStream Application 

Here is the list of features that JustStream provides you for the ultimate experience. Go through it and you’ll get to know how amazing this application is – 

  1. Supports a lot of devices like – Samsung Smart TV, Chromecast, Apple TV, Sony, etc. serving all of you. If you have any of these devices, you can use JustStream without any issues.
  2. JustStream functions are great with any file format. So that you can easily stream or avail any file for your convenience. 
  3. JustStream provides you with higher control in its functionality as compared to the other streaming apps. It equips you well to control different aspects of your streaming.
  4. One of the biggest problems with watching online streaming content is subtitles!! Don’t be scared because JustStream supports all of the popular subtitle formats. When you download the subtitles, you can easily play them on your TV. You even can customize their font, color, size, etc. 
  5. You can use JustStream to mirror – Videos, Pictures, Images, Online Videos, Presentations, Audios, And even Software as well From your Mac to any other device.
  6. You are free to optimize and customize the display quality settings of your videos. However, the application smartly detects the optimum resolution but still if you want to go with your preference, you can choose between 1080p full HD or 720p HD Display!
  7. You can actually play multiple video files in one go! You are given the option of compiling the playlists in JustStream so that they can run without any glitches on your TV.
  8. You can also capture and track the mouse and cursor movements easily.
  9. Talking about the audio tracks, JustStream has got you covered here as well. It doesn’t matter your videos are using the embedded or the external audio tracks, JustStream works fantastic with both of them giving you a great experience. 

How Can You Mirror Mac to Other Devices Use JustStream? 

Here is the step-by-step guide for you to show you how you can mirror Mac to any other device – 

  1. Firstly, you need to hit the button to download JustStream on your Mac you want to mirror. 
  2. Install the application and then open it from the Menu bar. 
  3. There, you’ll get to see a whole bunch of monitors connected to your Mac. You need to choose the one you want to mirror. 
  4. Now, you need to select the device you want to mirror to. Click the AirPlay icon you see at the bottom of the window and choose the screen from the list that drops down! 
  5. To begin the mirror process, after choosing the screen, click on the “Start Streaming” button you can see at the top of the app window.  


You can double-click on the selected screen or click the three dots next to its name. 

  1. By default settings, mirroring is muted. To unmute it, you need to install the JustStream Audio Driver and allow the application access to the microphone. 
  2. That’s it!! Mirroring is done! If you want to stop mirroring, simply click the “Stop Streaming” button and your streaming will cease. 

To Conclude

I would say that online streamings are awesome, and if you are a fan of streams like that, or if you are bored from the boring old TV content, download the JustStream app and let the joy begin. Since this application supports so many devices and gives you so many features, this is absolutely the only application you need for amplifying your TV experience. 

Arrange the party for your gang and enjoy the amazing content right on from your Mac to your TV! 

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