Do you want to share or mirror your Windows laptop screen on the Samsung TV? Doing this helps you display the content of your laptop on a Smart TV screen for other individuals to check out. Well, mirroring isn’t a difficult task but when doing it for the very first time; it could be a bit confusing. If you are wondering how to connect the laptop to Samsung Smart TV wirelessly, this blog will help you get some quick tips. 

Top 3 Tips to Mirror the Windows Laptop Screen to Samsung TV

1:- Use Windows 10 Wireless Display Feature

If you aren’t aware, Windows 10 comes with a built-in Wireless Display feature. This allows you to easily cast the Windows 10 laptop screen to the Smart TV with no use of cables. In order to mirror the laptop screen on your TV, here are the steps you can follow:

  • Open your Windows and click on its start menu
  • Next, proceed to the options Settings> Devices and finally Bluetooth and Other Devices
  • Select Add Bluetooth option
  • Click on the Dock or Wireless Display option
  • Now, wait for the system to recognize the Smart TV
  • After you are done, click on the name of the TV & click the Allow option

Doing this displays the Windows screen on your Samsung TV instantly. 

2:- HDMI Cable: Wired Method

Alternatively, you can ideally mirror the Windows screen onto your Samsung TV using an HDMI cable. Make sure you select a cable that is completely compatible with both these devices. This no doubt is the easiest and fastest way to mirror the PC onto the Samsung TV.

In order to learn the process of casting the laptop screen onto your Samsung TV, follow these steps:

  • First, turn on the Windows laptop along with your Samsung TV
  • Next, get the HDMI cable & plug it into your laptop as well as Smart TV’s port for HDMI connection
  • On the Samsung TV, use the remote control in order to select the HDMI option from the source or input
  • Doing this successfully mirrors the laptop screen on the Samsung TV

3:- Samsung’s SmartThings Option

In case you are someone that hates messy cables, there are other options you can try out. This SmartThings option by Samsung is an app that helps users connect wirelessly to the Smart TV via your phone, computer, or laptop. 

This application allows you to stream content that is saved on the laptop such as music or videos. One thing that makes it an ideal option is the fact that you can also implement the subtitles option using this app. You can watch videos or movies in different languages without having to worry about not having subtitles to understand the context. This particular function is supported by laptops operating on Windows 7, 8, 10, and also 8.1. 

In order to mirror your laptop onto the Smart TV, try out these steps:

  • Download & install the SmartThings application & launch it
  • Next, turn on the TV and make sure that both the devices are connected via one Wi-Fi network
  • Open the Menu option followed by Network> Network Status 
  • Now, go to the laptop & click on the option “Connect to TV” & select your Samsung TV from your detected devices
  • Simultaneously, enter a pin that shows up on the TV & hit OK
  • In order to add any content needed to be streamed on your TV, click on the Add Content option
  • Next, import the videos or files of your choice
  • After you are done, press on the “Play” option

This will mirror the laptop onto your Smart TV. There are several other applications that you can download from Play Store and use to mirror the laptop as well. However, these are some of the tried and tested methods that definitely work. 

Honorable Mention

Another popular choice to mirror your PC onto the Smart TV is the use of the Chromecast. This plug-in device lets you turn it into a form of a receiver. This device is popular for its glitch-free compatibility with several devices such as Android, iPhone, Mac, Chromebook, and Windows. 

With the help of Chromecast, one can easily cast videos or music from the computer & watch videos online from various sharing sites. This dongle device can be purchased from any online or offline shop or from official websites. 


With the use of the above-mentioned solutions, you can easily mirror your laptop onto the Samsung TV. Now watch your favorite movie with your family or maybe Netflix and Chill with your loved one, mirroring is an amazing option you can try out whenever needed. If you have tried these tips, do comment below and let us know how they worked for you! 

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