Letterheads are stationery items you find in any company’s emails and documents. They’re also known as the header’s which anyone can edit in MS Word. Personalized written communication can become spectacular if you know how to adjust this section. However, there’s a tiny difference between adding a professional visual touch to your correspondence and comprising kitsch or too colored header.

Letterheads have a long history. They were used ever since writers would seal letters using wax stamps. Their design has gone from impressive and vintage to business and minimalistic. Yet, since letterheads are so widely used by companies, they remain the remarkable sparkles that personal letters can obtain. Personal design features can be created using templates – if you know how to choose them and what information to extract. You can even consider templates as the bits of technology that optimize your correspondence.

Personal Letterhead Templates
Example of Personal Letterhead Template

Document Templates Usage Guide

We all know how using a template occurs – you check out examples, find the one that suits you, download it and adjust it with personal information. Your research work should focus on each step of the above process. To ease your work, we have researched for websites which include templates for each occasion. If you plan to use a personal letterhead for all your documents, then consider how it should look. Also, if you plan to write invitations for events, you can click here for more examples.

The least demanding possibility is to consider both situations when researching. If you plan an event soon, you might think a writing an invitation with an outstanding header. Otherwise, look for templates depending on the information you plan to integrate above the content:

  • Personal logo.
  • Contact details – phone number, email address, post address.
  • Your name or the event’s concept.
  • Your job or motto.

Keep the personal letterhead template in a computer file, to later save time.

Ever-Changing Templates Get Noticed

Once you send out the first letters, you may be charmed by the visual impact of a personal letterhead. Regardless of the style, you’ve chosen – vintage, basic or modern – you can adjust templates to the purpose you use them for.

Many decide to adapt templates when sending out fundraiser invitations, family announcements, notices of anniversaries or other personal events, and any occasion which requires correspondence. Even if you plan to use a basic template, you can adjust its style or choose different options when compiling an invitation. Emphasize the event’s concept by finding the right model for the wedding, baptism, party, event or anniversary invitation!

Enhance Your Visual Consistency

Visual consistency works for both brands and persons. By using a basic format for regular letters, you will send a clear message of every element that defines you – colors, fonts, logos and contact info. You will also be motivated to write even more letters than usual.

If you’re looking for a job, there’s a document that can integrate your personal letterhead: the cover letter. Also, if you’re pitching with an offer which includes a public presentation, you can attach a personalized introduction of yourself. This leads us to a new way to use these tools.

Integrate with Digital and Analog Communication

Personal letterhead templates are first used in digital format. You personalize the header and then either print it to write your letter or fill in the blanks with details about your event and email it. Letterheads are versatile enough to let you use them for all purposes and in all shapes and formats.

There’s no format limit when it comes to letterheads. Therefore, you should consider them for documents you need to attach to emails or written correspondence.

Save Space and Increase Document Accuracy

You cannot include the entire spectra of personal information in the letterhead you plan to. Your contact details, job, motto, name, and logo, may overcharge the section. Determine the relevance of each piece of information and consider where or how to adjust it for the letterhead.

Having an organized letterhead is both visually appealing and ensures higher accuracy for your letter. You can refer to it within the text. Moreover, you only have to insert your address and phone number only once, therefore decrease the chances to make any mistakes or confusing typos.

The Wide Use of Personal Letterhead Templates

According to a 2012 study, there are jobs where recommendation letters or other forms of written communication aside from the resume might harm the application. However, the job market encourages candidates to integrate cover letters and other documents in their application file. Imagine how appealing such a paper looks when it contains a personal letterhead.

Templates are both inspiring and useful. While they bring you ideas about how you plan for a letter to look, they also let you determine what visually defines you. Templates come as an exercise to compile your most essential elements visually. Take them as means to help you develop the basics of your personal brand. Use personal letterhead templates and discover occasions that allow you to write a digital or paper letter!