The year is 2019, meaning that it has nearly been two decades since we stepped into the new millennium and got over our fear of Y2K! As technology has made everything so much easier and even the phones in our hands now hold the key to our individual digital worlds, the need for keeping those gadgets and data safe has also grown significantly beyond the simple password protections that were deemed to be enough at one point of time.

Therefore, in order to protect the vast amounts of sensitive data that our smartphones, laptops, tablets and the like carry around inside them, here are a few important tips that no one should ignore in this age and time.

Install a Tracking Software in Your Gadgets

This is a no-brainer really because if the laptop/smartphone/tablet is stolen, the software will allow you to trace the thief. In case you are a Mac user, a good Mac tracking software app like Hidden is a must and thousands of people all over the world already use Hidden to protect their data and hardware from thieves.Install a Tracking Software in Your GadgetsNot only can Hidden help you and the police track the thief, but the SSH Tunneling also lets the user erase all their private data remotely, even when there’s a firewall on. Use Hidden to type a message of warning remotely to the thief. The message will be vocalized loudly as soon as they turn on the MacBook.

The same goes for your Windows computers, smartphones and tablets too; tracking software needs to be installed in all your devices that might have sensitive information in them so that you can erase them and track the thief when the need arises.

Install a Paid and Reputed Antivirus Software On Your Laptops and Desktops

Worms, Trojans, ransomware, etc., are all over the internet these days and with almost every computer being connected to the net in 2019, it’s only a matter of time before your unprotected Mac or PC is compromised by malware, providing hackers with all the information they need to take over your computer.Antivirus Software On Your Laptops and Desktops

To stay protected on the internet, installing antivirus software from a reputed developer is still the average person’s best bet. Invest a tiny bit in buying a year’s license from the likes of Norton, Bitdefender or Kaspersky and it will protect your device from online and offline threats on a continuous basis.

Does your Android or iOS device need protection as well? Although they are not as susceptible to hacking attacks and malware probes as PCs and Macs are, it is still perfectly possible for malware to affect an Android or even iOS device. Therefore, the answer would be yes, your iOS and Android devices need malware protection as well.

Go Beyond the Generic Passwords

Passwords need to be changed frequently and they need to be abstract in nature because the name and birthday combo you use for all your accounts are not as secure as you may think! In fact, each account needs to have a separate password, unrelated to the others.Generic PasswordsWhile this may seem like a lot of hassle, but when a thief uses a random password generator to trace the password, it would be best if it wasn’t something like “Harry_1992.” A password such as “H@RrY__1niNeNinEty-TW0!!!” on the other hand, will be a lot harder to break down as the whole process will take way too long. Feel free to go even more abstract and exclude any known names and pronounceable words from your password altogether. Write each of them down in a secret diary somewhere and change them often.

A stolen piece of hardware can be easily replaced, but the data cannot be replaced or be allowed to fall into the hands of the wrong people. With these tips, however, you will be able to eliminate the chances of that ever happening and the tracker software will likely even help you to get the laptop or Mac back.

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