Have you ever done public speaking before? If you have, how did it feel the first time? Public speaking has often been a challenge for many people. It is one of the fields that require eloquence, experience and most importantly courage. This article is designed to take you through the different factors that cause fear of public speaking (glossophobia) and the VR apps that will help you overcome them and mold you into a perfect public speaker.

Research indicates that this problem is experienced by a considerable number of people throughout the globe. It also states that of all the methods that have been put forth to attenuate this problem have not been as effective as Virtual reality. Virtual reality has remarkable features that encompass different techniques which are vital in improving your public speaking abilities. This has pioneered the development of numerous helpful apps.

Virtual reality Exposure Therapy (VERT)

VERT is often known to be the best treatment for PTSD. You get to put yourself in that traumatic situation without facing the danger physically. You are then helped to deal with it. Unlike video games, this is often well designed with great graphics that make it feel realistic. By withstanding these challenges repeatedly, you will be able to learn how to stop them and gradually the PTSD will wear off.

VERT is a great part of these Virtual reality apps, and it is one of the features that makes them very effective. The 3D simulators involved have undergone different medical scrutiny to make sure that they are fully functional without any side effects. They use a special environment and graded doses to determine their efficiency. The result is safe for human use.

Virtual Reality Apps That Are Useful in Public Speaking Training

Below is a list of some VR apps that you will find very useful for public speaking and training. They have so far been vetted as the best apps that will make improve all sectors that weaken your public speaking abilities. They have proven to be very therapeutic and useful in the field. They also come with different features that vary. Regardless of their numerous disparities. They all have one basic function, to help you become a great speaker.

Virtual speech

vr tech

It is so far the most recommended public speaking virtual reality app there is. It is very good for starters as well as those professionals who want to further their public speaking abilities. One of the notable features is its graphics. It has well-designed graphics with realism. It brings forth the atmosphere of an actual crowd. You get to see the audience. It is like you are standing in a hall. Very good for practice.

Another feature is that you get to select the audience capacity to suit your needs. It also offers noise distraction to enable you practice to stay on course despite the numerous distractions. With these features and constant practice, you will be able to weather off the traumatic triggers as well as PTSD.


Virtual Speech doesn’t necessarily tie you to public speaking; it also offers presentation platforms that once activated will facilitate projection of slides to enable you to offer your presentation. It is thus the best app for anyone who wants to master these two techniques. This app will prepare you adequately for your public speech or presentation ahead.

Speech center VR

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0Ob4qN4TFBQ] [Speech Center VR Official Video – YouTube

This software is what you need to have fun while learning how to become the best public speaker. Its features include a timer. In many instances, you will find that you have limited time to give your speech. This software will prepare you to save time while giving the best speech ever. Meanwhile, you get to enjoy remarkable noise destructions that are meant to prepare you for the worst.

You also have a chance to select from twelve different types of setting including a courtroom, a TV interview, and a conference room. This means that you don’t just need the app to prepare for public speaking, it can also help you to prepare for other numerous forms of presentations. Within all these outstanding features, you get to enjoy tips on how to keep focused on the audience and maintain your tone.

Virtual Orator

This application combines some Virtual speech features with those of Speech center VR to come up with a sensational practice session. You get to enjoy quite a number of different locations that you will find very stunning to use. These locations are well selected including some of the sceneries that are known to give the speaker a hard time. With constant practice, you will find them a walk over.

What makes virtual Orator, so good is that the audience gets to ask you questions. This is a brilliant feature that makes the experience very real. These questions will sharpen your wit and enable you to maintain focus throughout the session. The only caveat of this application is that it doesn’t have pleasing graphics like the other applications. If this area is improved, it can end up being the overall best.


This is a Samsung powered virtual reality app that comes with a great package of features. First, you get to learn when to use low tone or high tone. All these are made possible via a screen notification that will inform you when you are excessively loud or too low to be heard. This is one of the biggest challenges that you will be very useful once you learn how to master the art.

#BeFearless also has a feature that monitors how fast you are giving the speech. It will indicate anytime you make a mistake of rushing through. This will enable you to maintain your pace once you get to the actual audience. It also helps you maintain eye contact at all times and prevent blushing away whenever you are addressing the public.

Public speaking simulator VR

This application is just marvelous. You get to enjoy numerous features that are designed to give you real-life experience. It’s an excellent app to use if at all you are going to give a speech to an open room full of audience. It has these avatars that unlike the other apps, they stand out individually. This makes them look incredible despite the poor graphics.

You will marvel at some of the most incredible features such as the avatar distractions. While giving the speech, you will notice that some avatars are not paying attention at all. They are designed to perform different distraction functions that don’t conform to what you are trying to put across. This might be very irritating and disappointing. This app prepares you for such so that you don’t end up getting annoyed or distracted too.

PSim Virtual Reality App

This is the king of visuals. There is no other app that will give you stunning graphics like those of PSim. You get to enjoy quality images that somehow look real. These avatars also come in a different race, size and class. This will help you prepare to face different audience types and give you the abilities needed to create a great presentation.

It is also designed to suit official setups only, and that is why it comes with three locations that are only distinct by size. The incredible bit is that you get to enjoy some amazing tips that will go a long way to help you establish yourself as a public speaker. It is no doubt that by the time you take a couple of sessions, you will have become great in the arena.

Factors that trigger fear of public speakingvr tech

The cause of glossophobia tends to vary from one person to another. This means that for any factor to be considered effective in doing away with glossophobia, it should be able to eradicate these numerous factors. Some of the fear triggers include.

New environment

This usually affects nearly all individuals, professionals and non-professionals alike. Standing before of a huge crowd that you are unfamiliar with is often a very big challenge. You may find yourself losing words and remaining shook for the better part of the speech. With professionals, the fear tends to go away fast than the armatures, but the best thing is that with practice you will be able to speak freely.


This involves the effects of past events on your present life. You might have once tried to do give a public speech and ended up missing a line that disoriented you a great deal. This past event will always play in your head whenever you want to speak publicly. This may end up causing trauma that if you don’t fix will remain being a hindrance to your public speaking abilities.

Low self-esteem

Low self-esteem has always been a huge let down of public speakers. You find yourself criticizing yourself before you even give the speech. This might end up freezing you on stage and making you forget the speech altogether. It is thus important to keep your self-esteem high in every occasion.

Anxiety disorder

Anxiety can be caused by numerous factors. This may include post-traumatic stress disorder, fear of open crowds or panics. The crowds itself tends to make you panic, the eyes, the concertation, and many other things might just be your greatest enemy if you don’t learn to adjust to it. It is thus important that you get these VR apps that have the features to help in such problems.

From the above information, it has been noted that the above factors that cause fear of public speaking can be well avoided by the use of public speaking virtual reality apps that are designed to give the best platform to practice your speaking abilities. Their numerous features are designed to give the best experiences ever. At the end of the day, you sure will be glad that you acquainted yourself with them.