Gamers everywhere look for high-speed internet and can’t afford a lag, disruption, or disconnection while playing. The most annoying situation for a gamer is when the game stops in between the competition and all the efforts are ruined in a second. In the end, the gamer is placed last on the leaderboard, which makes it even more bothersome. The reason is obvious i.e. slow internet.

Almost every one of us, whether it is a gamer or not, can’t afford to have slow internet. However, gamers need much more speed than a normal internet user. The question is how to improve your internet speed for gaming, in spite you have opted for the highest speed. Just read the article to know how to improve internet speed for gaming.

Opting For An Ideal Internet Plan 

If you have subscribed to an internet plan for just gaming purposes, make sure that you have selected the right plan and you can do that by testing your internet speed at Especially, if you have multiple gamers at home, you can’t afford to have a slow speed plan. 

Almost every internet service provider offers optimal speed for gamers to offer seamless gaming experience without any lags or glitches. Some of the most popular ones are Cox, Xfinity, Mediacom, and Spectrum internet. For confirming the prices and plans offered in your area, or particularly gaming packages, you should dial spectrum customer service phone number and all the available ISPs so you can compare all of them at once and take a wise decision after evaluating each provider. Make sure to check the availability in your area and check the speed after the internet is activated. 

Buy A Router Designed For Gamers 

If the sole purpose of buying an internet connection is to play games online, make sure to invest money in a router designed specifically for online gaming. You will come across several gaming routers that offer state of the art features to offer optimal speed without leaving dead spots in the house. 

Make sure to get a gaming router that comes with the QoS feature to help you prioritize the volume of traffic on your device for the optimal gaming experience. In short, you will be able to feed more bandwidth to the gaming device and making it possible to experience lag-free gaming

Optimize Other Apps And Programs  

When it comes to speed of the internet, most of the applications running in the background might consume some bandwidth. For instance, applications update and security scans can eat up the bandwidth, leading to lag while gaming. 

You will also come to know that these applications need user consent to gain access. However, some of the applications running in the background don’t need your approval. In such a case, you just need to open the task manager to view all the active applications running in the background and stop them that you think are unnecessary. 

The place The Wi-Fi Router In Center of House

Your Wi-Fi router transmits signals to almost all parts of your house. Unless you have invested in some high-fi router, you might experience dead spots in some parts of your house. Especially those rooms that are far away from the router. 

To experience lag-free gaming and high-speed internet, make sure to place the router in the center of the house. Moreover, place the system near the router in order to play online games without lags. If you want to stay with the router that is provided by the ISP, you can buy a Wi-Fi extender to allow signals to reach everywhere in the home.

Secure Your Wireless Network 

If you have not secured your wireless network, just do it right now. No matter, how good your neighbor is, free Wi-Fi is just like a free meal. Make sure that you encrypt your Wi-Fi connection with a password that would keep those naughty neighbors away from peeking into your network. You can’t afford bandwidth being sucked up by some stranger. Moreover, by securing your wireless network you can also stay safe from hackers and cyber-attacks. 


The Internet is widely needed for different purposes in order to fulfill the diverse needs of diverse people. Gamers are no exception, as they need to have high-speed internet, unlike normal users who can compromise on speed to some extent. If you are a hardcore gamer, make sure to follow the above tips and optimize your internet speed for seamless and lag-free gaming. In case, you are running multiple devices simultaneously, make sure to disconnect some of them. 

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