Sending mass emails is something all industries can take advantage of, but it’s important to make sure that you are creating deliverable emails.

Are you sending out mass emails to potential new clients or customers? How do you know that they are receiving your emails and they are not going into the spam folder? Having a successful mass email marketing campaign means that you are providing a valuable email and that email ends up in the recipient’s correct inbox. It is crucial that you and your business are taking the right steps to have outstanding results for your campaign. 

In this blog, we will be covering many of the best practices when it comes to mass emails and email marketing. Dive into what we will be going over:

  • What is a mass email?
  • Best practices for email marketing
  • What to avoid when sending mass emails
  • How to get the most out of mass emailing 

Mass Email Best Practices for Professionals

Sending out a mass email can be used to promote products, give industry updates, provide coupon codes, and so much more. A huge challenge when it comes to sending bulk emails is making sure your email does not end up in spam. There are many measures to take to make sure this does not happen and to assure that your email can lead to new business. 

Defining Mass Email

To put it simply, a mass email or email blast is an email sent out to a large number of people. These are different from other types of email because most other email categories are defined by an action taken, which are called transactional emails. Transactional emails can happen when an order is made or a password is reset, for example. Instead, mass emails are sent to a list of people that the company holds that are usually in a specific target audience. 

Best Practices When Sending Mass Emails

One of the most important sets of guidelines to follow when developing mass emails is to keep them within your brand’s style. Making sure that the branding and colors are specific to your company is always important in marketing in general, so it should carry over here when designing emails. To avoid looking less like a phisher or attacker use minimal bolding or colored text, create easy-to-read paragraphs, and use simple headlines.Another important thing to consider is making sure that your email service provider can handle the number of emails you are sending. Using a mass email service will be the best option because email providers like Gmail and Outlook cannot handle sending emails in this capacity. Not only will these mass email services assist you in complying with laws and regulations regarding bulk emails, but they will also provide you will different kinds of technology. You will have the ability to set up automation, send cold emails, schedule out mass emails, and more. 

When you start to send out mass emails regularly, your contact lists can become bogged down. It is important to clean these lists out to confirm that you have the correct information and take out recipients who never decide to open your emails. It may sound like a good idea to continue to send them emails in hopes that they will open them, but it can end up killing your open rates. 

What Not to Do When Mass Emailing

Never look past compliance and assume you are able to get away with certain tactics because it could result in fines up to $16,000. The CAN-SPAM Act was set in place in 2003 to put together a clear list of guidelines that must be followed when sending mass emails. Buying lead lists are not entirely illegal but can be frowned upon because there is no such thing as a good email list. A good email list for one company may not work as well for another and can be extremely ineffective. Other rules in this law include no false header information, you must have a consistent subject line, and your email has to provide an opt-out option for all who receive the email.

Like we mentioned above, using a mass email service is the best way to go about sending your emails. Deciding to send these emails by yourself can result in a lot of wasted time and effort because the open rate could be incredibly low. When sending an email through something like Gmail, there is no way to track your analytics. Your company will have no idea what the open rate is, who received the email, or what the best subject line you used was.

Sending these emails by yourself also means that you are at liberty to use whatever design functions you can find on Gmail or Outlook, which don’t have many options. Mass email services will have templates for you to use and can advise you on which templates work best for your demographic. Not every demographic will be attracted to the same email templates or design, so it is important to understand that. 

Getting The Most Out of Mass Emailing 

Mass emails are something that can give your company plenty of new business, can update existing clients and customers, and will help you announce exciting news happening in the company. It is imperative that you and your team are following the correct compliance guidelines and research the best ways to maximize open rates. Deciding that you are ready to tackle a mass email will benefit your business greatly if you perform it in the right way.

Recruiting the help of a mass email service with great customer service is very helpful when you are starting the process. Having this service to guide you through the journey can be beneficial and less time-consuming for you. It is equally as important to design attractive emails in templates that are formatted for the best open rate possible. 

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