Are you struggling hard to get more followers on Instagram? If yes, then here in this article, we have mentioned some steps to gain more Instagram followers fast and free. You can also buy genuine Instagram followers from Famoid- best brand to buy Instagram followers. Let’s start:

Plan an effective Instagram strategy

Any marketing plan without the formulation of a strategy is pointless. It is vital to frame a course of action in your mind so that you can implement it without any fail. While making a strategy to determine your business objectives like increasing brand awareness, getting more sales, expanding the reach, etc. By having a decided plan, you can also modify it and make necessary changes as per the performance analysis.

Craft a great bio and profile

Your profile is the heart of your Instagram account. It should be compelling, well designed, and contains all the necessary details regarding your business. Your profile should include your business name, a link to your website, a short description of your business, and a call to action. Bio is another essential factor to show people about your brand and why they should follow you.

Promote and share engaging content

In order to differentiate your business from other competitors, you need to offer some unique value to your followers. Post exclusive content in your business niche and engage the audience by promoting it on other channels also. A great piece of content will lead to a high number of likes and comments on it. The higher the engagement on your post, the higher the followers you will get.

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Smart utilization of hashtags

To gain more followers and increase the reach of your posts, it is crucial to add relevant hashtags to it. Hashtags for the Instagram posts hold the same significance as keywords for a blog. The more you will insert it at suitable places; the more will be the reach of your posts. You can also come up with you self created hashtags related to your brand name or products so that people can use it to find your business page.

Ask your followers to tag their friends

You can ask people to tag their friends in your posts and videos. This is a great promotional technique to get people to follow you. With this, you can see a noticeable increase in the followers of your Instagram. This can also be done in a contest form where you ask people to tag their friends and get a chance to get featured on your page or story.

Write appealing captions

When images can’t speak, captions do the job. A caption plays a significant role in increasing the engagement of your posts. It let the users understand what your post is about and leaves an impression on them. To create an excellent caption, use keywords in your niche, ask a question, add a phrase, use emojis, and set an appropriate length.

Encourage the use of Instagram stories

Instagram stories are a great place to share behind the scenes photos, updates about products, conducting polls to gather feedback, etc. Many Instagram users are generally interested in viewing the stories, and most of the stories are from business accounts. You can use hashtags and geographical location tag feature to expose them to many more people who haven’t followed you yet.

Try Instagram live

The live video feature of Instagram has proven to very beneficial for promoting a business. It is an excellent opportunity to interact with the people in a direct way for two-way communication. Live videos appear in the Instagram story section. You can choose to make it appear even after the video ends. You can also announce in advance the day and time to go live for encouraging greater participation.

Learn from Instagram insights

Instagram insights have a lot to offer when it comes to Instagram marketing. The Instagram analytics tool will give you information regarding impressions, interactions, likes, comments, and engagement on top posts. You can also locate demographic details about your followers with gender, age, and location. You should evaluate this data on a timely basis to make changes in your strategy to get more followers. One of the critical things to consider the most active time of your followers, as it leads to more engagement in your posts.

Post regularly

To get more genuine and real-time followers, it is essential to stay engaged to them. It is advisable to post one picture a day, if not more, but try to interact as much as you can with your users. For instance, you last posted a photo one week ago that would lead to a decrease in the number of followers. So the continuous interaction with people through your posts is a key to earn more followers.

So follow the tips mentioned above and get thousands of followers every time.

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