As a computer user, you’ll always encounter other many challenging computer errors. We are committed to helping you fix these errors when they arise. In this particular booting error, we will guide you step-step until the “Missing Hal.dll” error is fixed.

Also included in this article are:

  • Symptoms of missing hal.dll error
  • Causes of missing hal.dll error
  • Solutions to the missing hal.dll error

Part 1: Symptoms of Missing Hal.dll Error 

DLL refers to the library files stored in the computer operating system while Hal (Hardware Abstraction Layer) is the interface separating the hardware from software. Hal.dll is also defined as the hardware platform upon which Windows run their applications.

If your computer is showing the error message shown on the screenshot below, you should first know there is a problem with the hardware components or applications that interact with the Hal. An incompatible version of the hal.dll can also be a reason for this error.

There are different versions in which this error may appear. They are as shown below.

Part 2: Reasons for the error “missing hal.dll”

To fix this error, you need to know all the reasons behind it. Here are the reasons:

Reason 1: Incorrect BCD configuration

If you are operating on Windows 7 and Vista, this error can occur due to invalid data in the boot configuration data file (BCD). For the Windows kernel to pass information to the underlying hardware, hal.dll is required. If the BCD data is incorrect, the BOOTMGR (contains the BCD) will load the wrong system set and hal.dll won’t be found and thus causing the error message to appear.

Reason 2: Incorrect Boot.ini file configuration

Windows XP users using NTLDR bootloader, the boot.ini file configuration can be changed. This results in wrong ARC paths wrong entry in the Boot.ini file.

Reason 3: Missing or corrupt hal.dll file

Automatic Windows update or failed windows update causes changes in the critical system files that are responsible for updating hal.dll. These changes are sometimes the cause of this error.

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Part 3: Solutions to missing hal.dll error 

There are several ways of fixing the missing hal.dll error appearing on your blue screen. Try each step-step until your PC boots normally.

Solution 1: Restart your computer 

Try this solution first. It’s simple and easy. Restarting your PC can restore a missing or corrupt file to its normal state. Just click the Restart button or press the Turn on/Turn off button for 5 seconds on your computer.

Solution 2: Repair the Boot.ini file

If the hal.dll file did not restore itself, try repairing the boot.ini file as it may be causing this error.

Step 1: Insert the Windows installation disk and restart your PC.

Step 2: Set Windows to boot from the CD and press Delete/F2

Step 3: Now boot from CD and as the Windows installer loads, press “R” to load “Recovery Console

Step 4: Now type attrib -h -r -s c:\boot.ini and click Enter

Step 5: If the error message “Parameter is wrong” appears, ignore, and continue.

Step 6: Type del c:\boot.ini, and hit Enter.

Step 7: On the new window, type bootcfg /rebuild

Step 8: For the “Add Installation to boot list?” type “Y’

Step 9: For “Boot Identifier” type “Windows”

Step 10: In the Boot Load Options, type “/fastdetect

Step 11: Type “fixboot”, press Enter

Step 12: Type “Y” and tap Enter 

Step 13: Lastly, type “Exit” and click “Enter” 

Solution 3: Use Windows 10 Startup Repair feature.

Just like the restart option, this feature scans PC issues and fixes them automatically. This option mostly applies to Windows 10 users.

Step 1: Move to the Windows 10 Advanced Startup Options menu and if on a laptop, hit F11 continuously as it powers up.

Step 2: After booting, select “Troubleshoot” from the “Choose an Option” command options.

Step 3: Next click “Advanced Options” and select “Startup Repair”

The process of diagnosing errors and automatically fixing issues found not forgetting missing Hal.dll file error.

Solution 4: Restore Hal.dll file From the Windows XP CD.

To fix missing Hal.dll using this method, you need a Windows XP Recovery Disc. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Insert Windows XP Recovery CD into the disc drive.

Step 2: Enter Windows XP Recovery Console and on the command line prompt, type, “expand d:\i386\hal.dl_ c:\windows\system32” and press Enter.

Step 3: In case you are prompted to overwrite any file, type “Y”.

Step 4: Now remove the Windows XP CD, type “Exit” and then tap the Enter button to reboot your computer.

Solution 5: Perform a clean installation of Windows XP.

This option in indented to fix all Hal.dll errors as it removes Windows XP completely and installs it again. Did you update the Windows to a new version or the update had failed then the error “missing hal.dll” started appearing? This option reverts your computer to the earlier Windows version.

Precaution: Most of the system information will be lost. Therefore, you need to back up all important information to one drive or CD and locate the product key.

Step 1: Boot your Windows XP from Windows XP CD.

Step 2: When the “Press any key to boot from CD” message appears, press any key to force the computer to boot.

Step 3: Press F6 to install a third-party driver. Then press Enter to start setting up Windows XP.

Step 4: Press F8 to accept the licensing agreement and again, press ESC to install new Windows XP.

Step 5: Delete the existing partition and create a new partition

Step 6: Choose partition size and select the partition to install your new Windows XP on.

Step 7: Choose the system to format the partition and wait for the partition to format. Then wait for the Windows XP files to copy.

Step 8: Fill all the prompt commands and wait for the installation to complete.

Step 9: Confirm the prompt commands and click Next to start the final Windows XP setup.

Step 10: Create a user account, tap Next, and press Finish to finish the Windows XP setup. Then wait for new Windows XP to start.

This is the best method of solving missing Hal.dll error. However, it should be your last resort.


Missing Hal.dll error is among the simplest booting errors that can be solved in less than 5 minutes. To easily fix this error, start evaluating its cause and begin with the simplest solution like restarting your computer.


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