Having many engaged followers has numerous advantages for your business and brand. With a vast online presence, not only do you gain more sales, but you also get multiple interactions on your posts. Additionally, having a large following on Instagram is critical to establishing long-lasting professional relationships. You can establish a large following using organic marketing, posting good quality content, or with social media panels. Social media panels can also help you get Instagram followers for free and grow your page organically.

On the flip side, losing followers can be detrimental to your brand and affect the sales margin of your business. This article will outline possible reasons you are losing followers on Instagram and suggestions for fixing the problem.

5 Reasons Why You Are Losing Instagram Followers

Inactive or Irrelevant Content

Posting regularly is vital to gaining and maintaining loyal followers. Nevertheless, your audience might lose interest if you post the same content every day or have an irrelevant posting schedule. Therefore, create a regular posting schedule and adhere to it so your followers know when to find you online. Moreover, learning the kind of content your audience prefers helps gain loyalty from your followers.

Over-Promotion of Content

Too many promotions and ads can quickly turn off your fans. Remember, social media platforms exist for social interactions and entertainment. Therefore, you should balance promoting your business and posting non-promotional content. Post engaging content and regularly engage with your clients to maintain rapport.

Lack of Engagement With Your Followers

Engaging your followers is critical in ensuring they remain loyal to you and don’t unfollow you. You should reply to comments and direct messages and appreciate your followers’ support. This way, your followers will feel included, and you will have created a sense of community between you and them.

Posting Offensive or Controversial Content

Followers dislike disrespectful, offensive, or controversial content as they feel attacked. Also, people may get offended, leading to the loss of followers. It would be best to post respectful content and content that is acceptable to everyone. Remember that your audience has diverse perspectives, so try to be mindful of everyone.

Follow-for-Follow Schemes

Follow-for-follow is a technique to gain more followers and unfollow them later on. While you may gain many followers, you will quickly lose most followers when they discover that you are unfollowing them. Using other marketing methods, such as posting engaging content to increase your followers, would be best instead of using such schemes to build your brand. Also, doing genuine work, like posting regularly, can help you gain more Instagram followers.


Gaining loyal followers on Instagram takes time. It requires regular posting, engaging content, consistency, and genuine effort. It would help to understand your audience, interact with them, and post helpful content. Additionally, having a regular posting schedule is best to ensure your followers know when to find you online. Understanding what content your audience appreciates is essential in maintaining your followers. Lastly, refrain from posting offensive or controversial content, as you may lose your loyal audience.

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