Your laptop might look just fine from outside, yet it might be showing a lot of signs of wear and tear from the inside. Some of these include over-heating, loud noise, excessive program loading times, battery not holding up, and system crashes. There may be times when you may have to face a blank black screen or even the blue screen of death.

Rebooting your laptop might seem the best way to handle such problems. But at some point in time, you will have to identify the underlying cause and resolve it. Else there is a chance that you might lose all your data and ruin your system.

Here are a few steps to fix your laptop if it keeps crashing every now and then:

Identify the Issue

There are many reasons why your laptop might be crashing. Unless you identify these issues, you will not be able to resolve them successfully. Let us move on to know what might be causing these crashes:

  • Over-heating – All computers generate heat. However, in the case of laptops, the heat generated would be more because of lack of ventilation and their small size. Dust clogged into the air vents can also cause your device to overheat.
  • Water-damage – Spilling water, juice, or coffee while working on your laptop, can cause irreversible damage to your keyboard. Over time the keys can get worn out or dislodged from their slots, making it difficult for you to type.
  • Virus – If you come across a lot of pop-ups on your screen that might be slowing up the downloading of files, there is a high chance that your system might be crippled by malware. Left unresolved, this can corrupt your files and crash your system.

Try a DIY Solution

Although temporary in nature, there are many ways for you to fix your laptop crashing issues, without resorting to professional help. Once you have identified the specific problem, it is all about exploring your options and making the right steps. For instance,

  • One of the ways to resolve an over-heating laptop is to clean out the air vents. You can use a cloth or a keyboard cleaner. You can also place a filtered cloth over the inhalation vent to prevent further buildup of dust.
  • If this doesn’t work, you can try updating the BIOS of your system. You should find the required file on the “Downloads” page of your laptop manufacturer’s website. Make sure you look for the right model of your computer. Your system should be connected to the power supply while you update the BIOS. It is best to get a professional to do this for you. If your system crashes during the update, it can be rendered unbootable. 
  • If the keys on your laptop are worn out or dislodged, you can simply get your keyboard replaced. You should find a quick online guide to replace the keyboard on the support page of your laptop manufacturer’s website. You can also get a plastic keyboard protector to prevent further damage to the piece.
  • Investing in a reliable anti-virus system can be the best way to resolve the malware issues of your laptop. Most anti-virus programs have the firewall option that will block most of the threats before they can affect your system. You can schedule periodic scans to remove and quarantine malicious files, if any.

Call the Experts

No matter what the issue is, behind the crashing of your laptop, it is always best to get it rectified by a professional. In fact, if you run a Google search on “laptop repair near me,” you can find many professionals who will visit your home or office to resolve your laptop issues. 

If you are faced with a lot of options and finding it difficult to choose the best laptop service center, here are a few steps you can follow:

  • Find out how far they are located from you and how much time they would need to reach your place.
  • Ask for the qualifications of the technicians and find out if they are experienced in servicing laptops of your brand. 
  • You can go through a few reviews online to get information about the quality of service they offer.
  • Discuss the issues that you are facing with your laptop and ask them to give you a quote
  • Get quotes from a couple of service centers and compare them before choosing the best.

It’s not the End of the World 

Facing issues with your laptop doesn’t mark the end of the world. There are many ways to rectify these issues and make your laptop work like before. All you need to do is get in touch with the right people who can do this for you.

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