Successfully winning any battle in Valorant really depends on making sure all players have the right weapons in their arsenal. Walking into a gunfight with a dagger is a sure-fire way to make sure that you have lost before even taking your first breath.

There are ways to have the right guns in the right hands at the right time, and then there’s luck. Head to the store, buy from a friend, or sell to a teammate, there are multiple ways to buy your next weapon and it’s important to know all of them. 

Head to the Valorant Store

Every Valorant player has the opportunity to head straight to the Valorant store as soon as they enter the game. Every player will be able to purchase all of the same weapons as anyone else. All seventeen guns and one knife can be purchased by anyone with enough credits

The only issue here is simply the number of credits you’ve managed to acquire and build up. If you’re rolling in credits and have a seemingly endless supply, then you really should buy every weapon you can see. You might not use some of them, but you will invariably be able to help your team out but selling them to your teammates halfway through a session.

Buy For a Teammate

Players who have managed to earn a lot of credits can become pretty popular in teams with players who don’t have a lot of resources or credits. It’s not unusual to have a rich friend, who has a lot of enthusiasm which isn’t matched in skills. These friends are able to buy a host of weapons from the store, and then to sell them to their teammates during the sessions. 

Even with a wealth of weapons and credits, no players can ignore the setting up of their Tenz crosshair. A badly aimed assault rifle is worth less than a knife. 

Sell to a Teammate

In between each battle you play, there will be a buying phase for you and your teammates to buy and sell weapons. This is one of the reasons why it’s great to have a teammate on board who has a lot of credits and has bought all of the guns. They can walk into a battle and only need to use just one gun, but come to the buying phase, they are your own little shop. They will have options and weapons for the rest of your team to buy. 

If a teammate is feeling particularly kind, then you can request that the teammate buys you a gun. They get charged the credits for it and you get the gun you need. It’s a win-win really for the whole team, as you have created a better chance to win. 

Walking into the battle with the right weapon is going to make Valorant a lot more enjoyable and a great deal more successful. It’s like the old saying of walking with a knife into a gunfight, but this time it’s literal.

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