Have you decided to create a Dropshipping shop? You want to set up an efficient business, which will allow you to earn money on the internet in an increasing way? Once you have chosen your perfect free shopify theme/themes, and you have created your logo, you will have to choose the best US suppliers of your shopify store. The choice of your US Dropshipping Supplier is essential if you want to ensure reasonable delivery times, have attentive customer service, and if you want to have a maximum profit margin. Here’s how to go about finding the best Dropshipping Suppliers.

The criteria for choosing your US Dropshipping Supplier

The products offered

A Dropshipping Supplier does not systematically distribute the same products. If a first contact does not offer the Dropshipping niches you are looking for, you will have to adapt your catalog or choose another supplier.

Delivery times and conditions

This is one of the crucial elements in selling online. Too long a delivery will discourage customers, who will then abandon their basket, and will go and look for the object they are looking for elsewhere.

By turning first to suppliers close to your area of activity, you reduce the delivery times of your items, and thus increase your conversion rate.


In the event of a technical problem, a lost package, or another malfunction, it will be essential to have reactive assistance to help you resolve the situation. Find out about the customer services of your US Dropshipping Supplier before making your choice, this will guarantee you a secure activity in the face of the unexpected.

Applied prices

The selling prices of your US Dropshipping Supplier will be one of the determining factors as to the profit that you will be able to earn money by reselling with a capital gain. In general, prices from wholesalers are already very low, but some items may be more expensive to buy from one supplier than from another.

Your ability to create value on your products will be the other determining factor, concerning the amount of margin that you will be able to reach.

Profit margin

Perhaps the question that matters most to everyone. That’s right. You must make sure that your provider leaves you a reasonable profit margin. If the price becomes too expensive, your customers will not want to buy your product. So you need the dropshipping company you work with to offer you competitive prices.

White label

Since your supplier will be the one that will distribute the products to your clients, it is important that your brand can appear on the packages, delivery notes, etc. Your customers must recognize that you are the owner of the merchandise or else you will not get a good engagement. Some dropshippers send everything under your brand, leaving you to customize labels, delivery notes, stickers, etc. They are the ones you should consider working with.

Where to find a good dropshipping provider

The world of dropshipping is so vast that simply searching for providers can overwhelm you a little. There are thousands upon thousands of distributors at our fingertips. We just need to find the right one. This is where you can search:

Fairs and events

The old-fashioned way. It’s that simple.

Frequently, events and fairs are organized in which the dropshippers expose their products and talk about the advantages of working with your company. If you live in a big city, surely you have the opportunity to attend one of them.

The advantages are clear. The providers are probably close to your location, so if it matches your customers’, you can benefit from fast and cheap shipping. In addition, you will have the opportunity to test the products on site, without having to invest money in ordering samples.


If you want to sell a specific product, you can go to the manufacturer’s website and see if it works through dropshipping. Thus, you will ensure that you do not run into intermediaries that raise the final price of what you plan to sell.

However, this is sometimes complicated because manufacturers are typically only willing to work with large sales volumes. This would imply making a previous investment and, in addition, you should have a warehouse where you can store your products.

If you do not have enough space to store your products, you can hire the services of a 3PL company to manage your inventory.


If you don’t mind investing some money, you can use online directories that group hundreds and hundreds of dropshippers. In exchange for paying a subscription fee, you will have access to a multitude of options. In addition, you save yourself having to check its veracity. Directories typically do this research before listing a dropshipping provider in their database.


Simply, using keywords such as “clothing dropshipping companies”, “fashion dropshipping suppliers”, “dropshipping distributors US”, etc. you can find a long selection of dropshippers. As an advantage, you can find distributors easily without leaving the sofa.

As a disadvantage, all the fake dropshippers are also throwing the hook at you. So you have to be careful. If an offer is too good to be true … it probably isn’t.

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