Businesses generally create lists and spreadsheets to help keep track of how effective their email blasts are. For example, a small yet growing company with an email lead list containing 100,000 email addresses might expect to achieve around a five percent click-through rate. From there, maybe around another 25 percent of readers will actually make a purchase. Lead scoring actually ranks email leads based on profitability. In other words, there might be a lead that regularly buys from your company in bulk whenever a sale is announced, while another lead may only make periodic purchases. You can lead how to use email marketing to improve lead scoring for your company.

Why Lead Scoring Is Critical to Growing Companies

Email marketing, for the most part, is as close to free as a company is going to get. Moreover, it has been proven time and time again to be the way to connect with today’s consumers. Your company can do well just by sending out emails, but why not maximise your impact? With lead scoring, you can actually send targeted emails that may inspire your most profitable leads to make additional purchases. Lead scoring will also give your business ideas that will only become apparent with deeper levels of research. So rather than having to pay an outside firm loads of cash to give you information on your customers’ shopping habits, you can use lead scoring.

Tracking Email Click-Through Rates

Embed a link in an email that you send out to your email list and you can actually track which customers click on it. In fact, you can even tell which customers are opening each email sent. This means that you can test out which email headers and offers are most attractive to consumers. A big part of lead scoring is actually measuring, ranking, and scoring which leads are most responsive. So, if you have customers who have been on your email list for a while, but they haven’t opened a single email in six months, they would be ranked accordingly. Likewise, consumers that regularly click through to your business website, add items to their shopping carts and make purchases will be ranked considerably higher.

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What Makes Consumers Want to Purchase from You?

You may believe that customers always look for the best sales, and you would at least partially be correct. Consumers also know enough about the online shopping process to look for businesses that they can trust in a variety of ways. So, offering money back guarantees, reasonable shipping rates, 24/7 customer service, and other perks might actually be more enticing than rock bottom prices. If you include some or all of this information in your business’s email marketing materials you will not only see a better response, you can also get more exact lead scoring information. Realise that this data will also aid you in reaching out to other profitable leads.

Testing Out Different Email Marketing Methods

Sometimes companies find a method that seemingly works pretty well. They might be reluctant to try other things, but if they are effective, what is the harm in trying? When you utilize lead scoring and keep close tabs on how your customers are responding, it is perfectly okay to switch things up. Remember that making changes to layout isn’t going to drive consumers away, especially if your company is using lead scoring. You can selectively test things out until you have found a winning combination, which will help to safeguard both your profits as well as customer loyalty.

The End Result of Lead Scoring

Once implemented, you can completely refocus your company’s attention on the most profitable markets. You might learn that looking for corporate customers is a better bet for your company than individual customers, leading to big contracts. A few months of careful lead scoring can cause your business to take on a wholly new, exciting, and profitable trajectory. Lead scoring is a combination of maths, science, and technique, so use a model that will work for your specific business. If it doesn’t seem like things are working at first, then you might just want to see about using a different lead scoring model. Otherwise, making small alterations is generally good enough to get things back on track.

Whether your company manufactures motherboards, resells used electronics, or offers consulting services, you have got to know where to focus the majority of your attention. In short, there is at least one or two different niche markets that you can attract by fine-tuning your marketing techniques. Lead scoring will help you in identifying those markets faster and more accurately. After your company actually observes the benefits of lead scoring, you will want the most detailed information possible on which clients are going to help your business to gain the most profits possible.

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