Technology improving all the time is great for so many reasons, but there can be one minor draw back. When we go out and buy a PC, it quickly becomes somewhat outdated because technology is advancing all the time. When you combine this with the huge number of games that are released for the PC over the course of a year, and it leads to the question “Can my PC run this?” being asked quite regularly.

There are several game developers in the industry that are mindful of creating games that will be compatible with most machines. This is indeed the case with In Touch Games, a company that focuses on their players and only last year won the Digital Business of the Year at the West Midlands Tech Awards. However, due to the pressures of keeping up with the most recent tech advances to ensure games are of the highest quality, it is always best to make sure your PC has the capability of coping with the latest game releases.

Every PC gamer wants to be able to play the latest and freshest games, that’s a given, and thankfully there are things a user can do to check whether they can. There are also steps that can be taken to ensure that they’re able to play new games too. So, either way, a PC gamer should be covered, so they’re less likely to need to spend their hard-earned money on a new machine.

One of the first things we recommend any PC owner does before investigating whether a game will work on their machine is to ensure that all drivers are up to date. Drivers are very important when it comes to PC’s, especially gaming, as are responsible for things such as graphics cards and audio. There are multiple programs out there which can help with this, with the option for drivers to be updated automatically.

So, you want to know whether your PC can play new games? Well, it is vital that the person takes a look at the specifications which are included with the game itself. With most games being sold digitally, especially through platforms such as Steam when it comes to PC games. So, gamers can check out the specs before they press ahead and purchase the game, thus confirming whether or not their PC will be able to run it.

There are also now a range of websites which can make the whole process of checking whether a PC can run a new game a whole lot easier. Can You RUN It by System Requirements Lab is the pick of the bunch, as users can simply visit the website and search for the game they wish to know whether their PC can run. Then, it’s a matter of clicking “Can You Run It” and waiting for the result, as the PC is scanned thoroughly to check hardware capabilities, as well as the system software.

If the PC can handle the latest games, happy days, but it’s not the end of the world if it can’t, and it doesn’t mean that there’s a need to rush off and buy a new PC straight away. PC owners could first look to upgrade their current machine if it’s cost effective that is. They could, for example, buy a new graphics card or install more RAM, as improvements here could mean a PC can then go on to play a new game. It’s worth considering all the options before spending money on a new PC that’s for sure.