Nowadays, you can send faxes without depending on fax machines.

Numerous online fax services make it easy to send a fax from Gmail, Yahoo and other email clients.

If you want maximum security, you have to choose the best and secure services.

Make sure to choose the best third-party service, such as CocoFax. Fortunately, it is an exclusive solution for personal and business users.

See these simple instructions to send faxes from Yahoo email quickly.

CocoFax: Get the Advantage of Yahoo Fax

CocoFax makes it easy to transmit essential documents through yahoo fax. Google Fax Free, a famous blog site for all types of online fax services, no doubts supports the use of this reliable and secured service. You can receive and send faxes through this email client.


Remember, CocoFax is necessary to operate faxes on electronic lines.

Faxes work on analog signals, and emails use electronic lines. A third-party service can act as a bridge to send faxes via email.

Fax from Different Parts of the World

CocoFax enables you to send and receive faxes from different parts of the world. You can avoid the additional expense of toner, paper, ink and a fax machine. If you want an encrypted and HIPAA compliant solution for your business, CocoFax can be a suitable choice.

Fax from Different Parts of the World

For its secure and reliable services, it gets recognition from the New York Times, Toms Guide, Life Wire, Forbes, etc. It has almost millions of users in different parts of the world. You can send your business documents without any trouble. See these instructions:

Step 01: In the first step, you have to create a CocoFax account to get a 30-day free trial. At this stage, you will get a free number to manage your fax communication. For more information, view Google Fax Free.

Step 02: Use a Yahoo email ID to register with CocoFax. Remember, you will use this same ID to receive and send faxes.

Step 03: After registering a Yahoo email, you can send faxes by tapping on “Compose Email” option. In the “To” option, you have to write a fax number followed by

Step 04: Add a subject line and cover page in the body of email. You have to upload a document, such as jpg, png, xlsx, xls, docx, doc, pdf, etc. Feel free to attach images to faxes. Double-check everything before hitting “Send”. If the sending is successful, you will get a notification in your inbox.

Secure Fax Services with HIPAA Compliance

CocoFax offers secure services with HIPAA compliance to transmit sensitive data without any tension.

If you want to avoid the possibility of unauthorized access or data breach, you can trust this online fax service.

The CocoFax web app can work flawlessly on Android and iPhone devices. It will increase your productivity and trust of clients.

You can send and receive Google documents through Yahoo email. With CocoFax, things will be secure and efficient for everyone.

Nowadays, online faxing is famous among attorneys, lawyers and doctors. They use this service for secure and faster communication. Moreover, businesses prefer this method to decrease the consumption of paper. If you don’t have a fax machine, make sure to use CocoFax and increase your efficiency.

Secure Fax Services with HIPAA Compliance

Use Yahoo Mail to Receive Faxes

You can receive faxes via Yahoo Mail without any particular arrangement. Feel free to use the fax number provided by CocoFax to receive faxes.

Remember, you will receive faxes in your inbox. The fax document will be available as an attachment.

Feel free to open these documents on your computer, laptop, and phone. CocoFax offers a free fax number that you can use for almost one month.

No doubt, CocoFax can make things affordable and convenient.

WiseFax to Send Fax from Yahoo

If you need a fax service for personal use, WiseFax can be a proper name. It enables you to use Yahoo mail to send faxes in different parts of the world. You have to use “compose a new mail” option and write the fax number of the recipient.

Insert a fax number in “To” field followed by and write country code.

Feel free to send a fax to more than one recipient by separating their addresses through a semicolon. It enables you to attach Microsoft Office, PDF, Apple iWork, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, ScanWritr documents.


Overall, CocoFax is a cloud-based faxing solution to manage the security of sensitive documents.

You can avoid a fax machine and use your Yahoo email for quick transmission of files.

Yahoo mail is a secure method to send and receive faxes.

You can use your email ID to send and receive documents.

Fortunately, different subscription plans are available for users. Business users can trust CocoFax to save their time and money.

Use of a reliable online fax service can help you to build a loyal audience. Share your views about online fax services in the comment box.

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