You can quickly sell bitcoin for cryptocurrencies (altcoins). We will tell you how excvhange for example btc to ada.

Before the deal

Before exchanging BTC to ADA, ensure you have the correct wallet address and access to the wallet provider. In addition, you should carefully study all the features of using the chosen cryptocurrency and consider possible restrictions.

Offer selection

To exchange Bitcoin to Cardano, you first need to find an offer with payment in this currency. You must also specify the amount to be sold and your preferred currency.

Note: You need to specify your preferred fiat currency, as it is used as a guide when determining the bitcoin market price. We recommend choosing USD, as the bitcoin exchange rate is expressed in this currency.

When you discover a reasonable proposal, carefully read its terms and requirements. The terms and conditions briefly state how the payment is to be made.

When you open a transaction, you will notice more clear instructions. They are called trade instructions. Buyer requirements may vary depending on the chosen payment method.

Note: You are responsible for providing the correct wallet address to the buyer.

Create an offer

To exchange bitcoin for ada, you can also create your own offer.

Here are some guidelines for creating such an offer:

  • Put a good margin right away, as you won’t be able to adjust the price during a transaction.
  • Make clear and concise terms and conditions.
  • Determine who pays the transaction fee (if any).
  • After posting your offer, wait for a buyer to open a deal with you. You will receive a new trade notification. Discuss all the details of the transaction with the trading partner.

Completion of the deal

After the recipient pays, clicks the Paid button, and provides you with proof of payment, you must acknowledge receipt of the payment on your part.

Then you must transfer bitcoins from the custody account to him. Click the Withdraw cryptocurrency button to ensure the payment has been received.

After the deal

After completing the transaction, you can leave feedback to your trading partner. If the transaction went well, you could add him to your list of trusted users. One of these partners can be Godex. is an online cryptocurrency exchange service that will provide you with an anonymous, secure, and fast exchange, showing you the difference in crypto rates, features and predictions, for example algorand vs cardano. You can choose from over 200 coins, which constantly expands this list. Godex developers are brilliant professionals with extensive experience in the field of blockchain. They work daily to improve the processes of exchanging cryptocurrencies. You do not need to provide any personal information to make an exchange, as Godex represents the original idea of ​​anonymity in the world of cryptocurrencies.

There are no exchange restrictions. Only the minimum payment amount to include your transaction in the network. Fully automatic exchange system, eliminating the human factor. Support 24/7. The managers are always ready to help and answer your questions. The best affiliate program with 0.005 BTC welcomes a bonus and up to 0.6% revenue share.

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