The latest Facebook messenger application is, particularly about the fascinating dark theme. If you are still devoid of the feature, we are going to help you in the best possible way. Quick tutorial for enabling dark mode in Facebook Messenger in iOS and Android smartphone has been discussed the right here. The company initially announced is the dark mode for Facebook messenger during F8 Developer Conference. The feature is currently available all over the world so that users can have a better interaction in the new window.

How To Enable Dark Mode In Facebook Messenger

Step 1 – launch The Facebook messenger application in your Android or iPhone smartphone.

Step 2 – Select any random chat thread that you want to interact with.

Step 3 – Tap upon the smiley face icon within the message compose window.Facebook dark mode

Step 4 – Locate the crescent moon emoji and forward the same to the person with whom conversation is ongoing. Once you are done with sending the crescent moon emoji over the conversation, you will immediately notice the crescent moon dropping like rain all over your chat. The moment animation gets over, you will receive a message popup notifying that dark mode has been activated.Facebook dark mode

Step 5 – Now go to the setting menu of the messenger app and scroll a bit down, you will see the option of Dard Mode and toggle it.

Immediately the theme of Facebook messenger turns dark and it becomes easier to read messages at night. The new dark theme in Facebook Messenger for Android and IOS has been lately appreciated by the Global users.

Dark Mode Not Getting Activated on Facebook Messenger

If you are not lucky enough to activate the Facebook dark messenger in the first instance, you can try it out in a different way of making things effective.

Step 1 – close the Facebook messenger if you did not get the moon shower by sending the moon emoji in the Facebook conversation.

Step 2 – open the application once again and tap upon the Moon emoji that you had sent earlier during the conversation.

Step 3 – double tapping light activates the dark mode feature in Facebook messenger. Hopefully, this time you will receive the moon emojis raining all over your screen point

Once you have enabled dark mode in your Facebook Messenger, you can begin the conversation in a black background thereby keeping your eyes absolutely protected. The theme looks fantabulous in all the digital gadgets including Galaxy S10, iPhone XR, and many others.

Why use dark mode in Facebook Messenger?

Our eyes are vulnerable to blue rays emanating out of the phone screen. However, with the help of dark mode, one can reduce the effect of blue light and keep the eyes absolutely protected. In fact, the latest gadgets already have blue screen filters so as to reduce the bad impact of digitalization. Dark mode is also known as night mode.

It is relatively better for a Smartphone because of reduced battery consumption and stresses free screen visibility at night. Several companies are implementing the technique of blue light filter natively for enhancing the user experience and gadget performance simultaneously.

Even if you do not like to have a black screen for conversation, then you can deactivated the dark theme from the setting. But, at least give a try to the latest feature created by Facebook. This will not only give you a different user experience but also better protection for your eyes.

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