While there are different kinds of apps in the market, this app is basically an app that brings your TV watching experience to your computer and phone to a different level altogether. It pulls together all the online streams of some of the most popular TV channels, thereby enabling one click to have one of the best watching experience. With this unique app, you can actually watch BBC, CNN, African Magic, and Sports, among many more.

By installing Mobdro Firestick into your computer, you’ll make the process of live streaming the content a lot easier. Currently, it’s among the most used and liked apps for viewing TV channels, and streaming videos direct into your device. Whether its news, movies, science fiction, or other channels, you can actually stream any kind of channel that you want. Although it’s there for the Android, iPhone, iPad, and other devices, currently there is no main app for Windows, Mac Computer or PC. But who wouldn’t want the easier way of watching a movie on a screen? Due to this, there are several ways that you can use to easily download it and install it on your personal computer.

How to install it on windows

  1. First, you need to download the Bluestacks app on your mac or windows. You can download it directly from their site free of charge.
  2. Once you’ve downloaded it install it into your computer. This app will only take a short time to be installed in the device. With BlueStacks, you can basically install a virtual mobile phone onto your pc so that you can run androids apps. This is just among the apps that you can run on Bluestacks.
  3. Next, download the app file into your computer.
  4. To install Mobdro well on windows, you need to locate the previously downloaded one and double click to install. While the installation process is taking place, be patient as it can take some time.
  5. Once you are through with the process, open the file and premium TV, and DStv channels will be there for you to watch.

Other features

It’s also important to know that there are two versions of this. There is free and the premium version. As compared to the premium version, the free version comes with lots of ads. You will see these ads on the user interface and other places as well. If you won’t mind some distractions while watching your favorite movies or channels that you can go for this version. However, if you want to get rid of the ads, then you can choose the premium version.


That is basically how to download and install this app on windows. Provided you have a strong internet connection you can view all that you want for free of charge. If your subscription is premium you can access videos into your computer and for watching much later. With several advantages that come with this app installing it on your PC is one of the best things that you can do.