The growth of social media has been spectacular. Each platform is meteoric, as many businesses are still not visible on the board. Lots of brands are missing the marketing opportunities waiting for them. Undoubtedly, more than 100 million new images and videos go up every day; still, it is easier to dominate the scenario and get likes on your posts by potential market.

Also, keep in mind that Instagram engagement is 15 times more than Facebook. And engagement is what you keep on struggling.

How the Algorithm of Instagram Stories Works?

Do you have any idea about how the Instagram Stories algorithm works? The number of real instagram followers who see your posts depends on the Instagram algorithm. With an algorithm, it helps to identify the best, relevant, newest, and most engaging content for every follower. Later, it delivers the content to the Stories feed of the front of followers. That’s why it is necessary to let people watch your story to the end.

As a brand, you need not worry about reaching everyone on Instagram, but you need to reach users who might be interested in buying from you. Here are a few organic tips that can assist you in reaching the targeted audience by sharing different stories. It also lets you boost your organic reach to a more invested and steadfast community.

Most likely, you don’t want to miss out on those possible clients. By following some easy tips, you can build your following to record numbers and make lots of traffic for your business. Let’s have a look at some vital aspects.

Like Photos of Other Users

Generally, it makes sense that if you like someone, they will certainly like you back. So, make sure to pay courtesy to what other people are doing. Handing out likes will attract them in return. If you randomly like more than hundreds of photos in a day. As a result, you will improve your own likes and get lots of new traffic as well.

Pay Attention to Your Skills

Don’t be surprised to learn that the quality of a photograph you post makes a lot of difference. Your post can get likes if you consider the following points.

  • Choose a prominent color: It usually turns out that photos having blue color will get 24% more likes as compared to the ones with mostly red.
  • Keep it Light: 24% more likes will be for bright photos as compared to the ones that are dark and artsy. Does that make sense to you?
  • Keep the background open: Photos having lots of background will get 27% more likes as compared to the ones that are continuous and solid.
  • Go for black and white: With 18% more likes, black and white photos deliver a classy and complex image. It can be useful mainly if the audience is more upper class and a little older.

Pro Tip: Never forget to use the main feed posts of Instagram to tell followers about your Stories, so that they can grab it before it disappears.

Add a Variety of Videos in Your Instagram Stories

Certainly, photos are easy to post, but videos grab more people’s attention as compared to other forms of content. Instagram helps to drive the burst in online video traffic. More than half of the users said that they get engaged with a brand right after watching the video on the platform.

The perfect place on the Instagram platform is Instagram Stories that binds the power of video. Here are a few practical ways to integrate video into your Stories content strategy:

  • GIFs: Using GIFs to turn a still into motion, engaging, and funny Instagram story post. Also, using search phrases in the Stories sticker box to discover the correct GIFs for your post.
  • Boomerang: To make a short video, use a fast burst of photos basted together that moves backward and forward. Undoubtedly, it is a short Instagram staple.
  • Hands-free Recording: Instagram allows you to record a sequence of 15-second clips directly to Stories. Add GIFs, text, music, illustrations, and post your story promptly.
  • Face Filters: Adding face filters to turn a possibly dreary scene into an amusing and appealing one. Then talk to your followers.


Though it has been a hard time on Instagram. As business competing for attention on feeds is rising day by day, engagement of brand content also needs to boost remarkably. By now, make sure to consider things that deliver great results.