The more things change online, the more things stay the same. MySpace may have come and gone and come back again, Facebook may have changed the way we view privacy, and smartphones may have completely upended the way we used to use the internet. But there’s one thing fundamental to all web pages that haven’t changed. The right hosting is key to a successful website.

In fact, web hosting has become more important as our online needs have grown. Not so long ago, we didn’t have to account for the sheer traffic we can now expect. Far less bandwidth was necessary for what could be done online.

However, there is a lot of misinformation or outdated reviews out there. Companies pay for uniformly good “customer” reviews. In order to choose the right hosting, you need to know what to look for. You also need to know who you can trust to be honest. Check out this GoDaddy review to see what honest reviews look like. There’s the objective information about what they offer, along with plenty of user reviews expressing a clear outline of the customer experience.

When choosing the right web hosting, you should look out for the following things.

Customer Service

First and foremost, you need to make sure that the host you choose comes with good customer service. Reliable hosting requires technical efficiency. Inevitably, something will go wrong at some point, no matter who you choose. But if something goes wrong, you need to know it can be fixed. You need to know you won’t be kept in the dark or ignored.

Downtime can have a severe impact on your business. Good customer service is key to knowing that you will be taken care of no matter what.


In addition to knowing that they will take care of you, it is important that you can trust your hosting service. This includes the knowledge that they will not hold back refunds, that if you cancel they won’t keep charging, and that everything they promise will be seen to.

You can gauge a company’s trust by customer reviews. If their current or past customers have had bad experiences with them, struggling to get what they were promised or being straight out lied to, stay far away. Maybe they will get it right with you, but the uncertainty is not something you should take a chance on.

SEO Expertise

Anyone can have a website these days, and although there are literally billions of potential visitors around the world, making your website stand out is difficult. To do so, you need to understand SEO, or have someone who understands SEO to help you. SEO refers to search engine optimization. It knows how to take advantage of search engine algorithms to make your site come up as high up in the results as possible.

When hosting services provide SEO expertise, you are at a huge advantage. You will not get anywhere without knowing a little bit about SEO, and having people who deal with SEO successfully on a daily basis makes all the difference.