Those who like to spend a few hours in Australian online casinos are always interested in how to choose pokie machines that bring the maximum winnings. There is a great variety of data on each online casino game, and the selection of the best option can be an insoluble task for a novice player. There is no obvious system for choosing, and even if you know how a pokie machine works, you can only count on observation and personal experience. That is why we decided to write about the criteria for choosing top pokies in Australian online casino of high caliber. Let’s start!

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Selecting an online casino

Before choosing a pokie machine, you need to decide on a reliable playground. To correctly determine where to play casino games, you will need to study hundreds of reviews of experienced players and try your luck at many sites.

To be able to start playing in pokies online, the user is asked to complete the registration procedure with some personal information. You must enter correct information only; inaccurate information can seriously complicate the payment of the winnings. After opening an account and depositing funds, you can immediately start playing.

Criteria for choosing a pokie machine in a virtual casino

Let’s consider what kind of pokie machines are offered by most online casinos in AU. All virtual gambling machines are divided into several main categories:

  1. Progressive. Pokies have a common Jackpot for the entire network of games, which increases with each player’s bet;
  2. Straight lines. Machines with a fixed Jackpot and specific winnings depending on the bet;
  3. The newest pokie machines of a certain theme, with a certain number of reels. They have additional functions that allow you to have greater control over the process of playing. The player will be able to double their bet after a winning option or take part in a bonus round.

You can choose any game – it all depends on the personal preference for the design of the game and the availability of special features. However, to be successful in pokies you will need to figure out how to play the “right way” to win.

Ways to beat a virtual casino in pokies

There are several very simple and effective ways to select a “winning” pokie machine in an Australian online casino:

  • Regularly play new pokie machines that offer the player many additional features. Test new games and choose the most “generous” device for a successful game;
  • Choice of pokie machines with free bonuses. The method is more suitable for beginners. Virtual casinos offer a variety of no deposit and real money bonus options that can be easily converted into cash.

The presented criteria for selecting the best pokie game are rather arbitrary. Each player comes to the choice of the optimal game independently with the accumulation of gaming experience. Any secrets of winning are the result of personal observation and regular gaming sessions. Special books with the theory of winning in a virtual casino will not provide complete information and will not provide a 100% winning result.

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