Marketing and Advertising are two such domains which have been growing more than any other industries. Brands, firms, organizations and companies, almost all of them do their marketing in some or the other manner and brands creating products have been well-versed with the concept of marketing and advertising of a product. Amongst all this, video content ads have  been proved the most effective as a marketing strategy, on the part of the brands. Research has proved that people love watching videos and tend to share when they like it. On a daily basis, millions of videos are being shared by the public and it is said to have a 48% impact on the people by watching it. Impact may include for them to either purchase that product or urge other people to buy it due to its quality or whatsoever the reason may be. 

Digital platforms are the ones which people rely on and where most videos are viewed. Although there is more engagement due to video content on social media, there is absolutely no need to boycott the existing strategies. Videos can be added to your blogs or can be embedded into your emails too. 

Videos can be easily made with the help of Youtube Video Maker, Video Editors and Promo Video Makers. There is no rocket science to it.

However, let us know what other practices might be needed to adopt in order to create a successful promotional video. 

Set a goal and know your audience

Anything to be created on initial levels need to be planned out properly so that all things fall into place. A goal setting is a must. If you don’t know what results you want to achieve from your promo video, then there is no point in creating one either. Make sure you focus on one goal at a time. The audience should not get confused which might result in lesser engagement. If your goal is to build brand awareness, stick to it. 

Once you know what your goal is, check up on your target audience. Identify your target market and audience will be identified based on that. You can also segment your target audience based on the goal of your campaign. 

Fix a reasonable budget

Budget becomes of utmost importance when planning a promo video. You will be able to plan other things once you know how much finance will be required. Look for locations that are free to shoot by using your employees or friends as actors. If you plan on uploading your promo video to your YouTube channel and other social media sites then it won’t cost you anything, but if you plan on distributing your promotion then it is important to budget it accordingly. The costs will vary even more if you’re filming an ad for television or paid promotions on social media. Thus, plan your budget firmly.

Time it accordingly

Time is the most important in making any ad video. Without a time limit, the video will look very messy. It is necessary to grab the viewer’s attention in the first few seconds to not lose engagement. A time limit of 10-30 seconds should be enough for the video. Viewers might lose interest if the video is too long. They can be long for upto 1 minute if the content is actually interesting for people to watch. Hence, keep it as short and sweet as possible. 

Jot it down as a script

Only virtual planning isn’t enough. Even if you have a rough idea about your video ad, don’t be in a hurry to implement it. Write all the scenes and shots to be clear during execution. Having a script in hand will keep things organized. In this way, you can save more time even while filming it. Your efforts should be more focused on getting quality shots. Avoid on day conflicts which could take place due to improper planning. Perhaps, a good script is a must. 

Choose a good theme and style

Themes are fun. Adding a creative theme can boost your video likeness. Some of the theme examples can be dramatic, romantic, humorous, serious, informative, music video, inspirational, etc. Even if you choose one theme, the main point of consideration is that will there be music or no music or only people talking. It is preferable to add a music which is relatable to your theme. 

When it comes to adding a style to your video, it can be a real life scenario or maybe a live footage. You could even mix real life characters with animated ones. The mix should look appropriate and appealing. 

Film different versions of your promo

If your end goal is to create a 30-second video promotion, don’t just limit it to that. Mix things up. Hype the buzz and let people know what exciting your brand might be coming up with. If it is a one minute video, make teasers out of it. Edit your video and break it down by using the Promo Video Maker. Release on Instagram and Facebook according to the optimal length of videos for different channels. You can also create a series out of your promo video for viewers to anticipate what might happen next. 

End with a strong CTA

Call to action is definitely a must for all sorts of videos you create for your brand. It helps people come back to you after they have watched your video. Add your logo and social media handles for them to return back to you. Use phrases which make them curious like hurry up before the sale flashes off, be the lucky customer at our door, win exciting offers, etc. This would tend the potential customers to purchase the product.   


With the above practices, you are good to go in making your first promo video. Make sure you plan and execute it only after its forethought. Do let us know what kind of experience it turns out for your brand!

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