We all hate lag especially when we are in the middle of a very intense game and are about to make a winning shot. I clearly remember my childhood days when I would spend a considerable amount of time in front of my Xbox or PlayStation with my besties from school.

One minute I’d be ahead in the race leaving everyone behind and the next I would be screaming at my youngest brother, telling him to stop using the internet because of the uncontrollable lag I would experience, ruining my entire gaming experience.

Apart from yelling at my brother and telling him to put an end to his online activities, I would also do my own little research and try every single trick suggested by the experts to enhance my internet speed but to no avail. Some tips and tricks worked while others failed miserably.

Keeping in mind my childhood days and the anguish that came with frequent lag while gaming, I have written this article to share with you all the top 5 tricks that I learned over the years. These tips will surely help you in enhancing your internet speed for online gaming.

These tips really do work a majority of the time and if you try most of them, you will definitely notice an improvement. Good luck!

  1. Choose a Reliable Internet Service Provider

This is one of the most common and trusted tips because you can’t really hope to enhance your internet speed with a provider that isn’t that efficient. So having access to a reliable internet service provider that offers amazing speeds can really make your gaming experience worthwhile.

Now, what things must you keep in mind before choosing a stable and dependable provider? First things first, see if they are responsive and ready to solve your issues in a timely manner. Check if they readily take ownership of their actions and treat the customers with respect.

Several providers already know that their behavior toward the customers would eventually attract or repel them and hence they try their best to enhance the functions of their customer care departments. Consider Cox, for instance. It teaches its representatives the art of being empathetic and respectful towards the customers. By contacting Cox customer service, you get comprehensive answers to all your technical and other product-related queries. Moreover, its customer support agents are available 24/7 to cater to their customers’ issues and provide them with timely responses.

  1. Restart Your Router

Another very effective way is to restart your router if you are facing speed issues while playing your favorite games online. This approach will help you get rid of any memory that was hampering it formerly and bless it with a totally fresh start.

How can you restart your router? Well unplug the router and wait for a minute or two before plugging it back. Wait for it to become stable. Once all of this is done you will without any doubt see a noticeable difference in the speed of your internet connection. Nevertheless, if the issue remains, just move on to the next step.

  1. Change the Position of the Router

Always keep in mind that barriers or hurdles like walls, doors, and different pieces of furniture can eventually impact your connection to your router. If that is the case, think about moving the internet access kit nearer to the router with an unhindered line of sight.

  1. Always Aim for Low Latency

What essentially is latency? Well in simpler words, latency is the time taken by the data or information to move from its source to the final destination. Latency and connection are inversely proportional to one another.

This means that you will attain a faster connection if your latency is low. Similarly, a higher latency causes lag which we all aim to avoid at all costs. A ping rate lower than ‘150ms’ is considered to fall under the good latency bracket.

  1. Get Rid of Unwanted Devices

Now is the time to unplug unwanted gadgets especially if you are experiencing lag while playing your favorite games. Why am I saying this? Well because countless devices have unwanted programs playing in the background and these programs require a certain level of bandwidth. So by getting rid of these unwanted devices, you can enjoy the speed you truly want.

Thus, make it a habit of switching off your mobile phones, tablets, smart home appliances, and other gadgets that are not being used. This step will surely aid you in speeding up your internet connection and you will end up saving a considerable amount of data.

  1. Get Your Hands on a Better Internet Plan

If nothing else works, try your luck with enhancing your existing internet plan. But before switching to a better internet plan, always do your own little research and determine what your internet requirements actually are.

Final Words

Internet speed is a very important component that must always be studied carefully before signing up with an internet service provider. We are living in a world ruled by the internet. This means that we need this incredible piece of technology to carry out all our regular activities. Therefore, it is always advised to research and analyze the steps that would eventually aid you in attaining the finest internet speed. Good luck!

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