Fame and popularity is the innate desire of almost all of us. Some people struggle hard to achieve it, while others are lucky enough to earn it without much effort. Let me tell you it is not your fate that determines your popularity. You can make some conscious efforts to be popular amongst the people you want. Many individuals who passed hundreds of years ago are still known to us because they glitter on the pages of history. Ask yourself, why? Most of them have made a positive contribution to the lives of people. People just don’t forget when someone extends a helping hand in the hour of need. Just remember this and give it a try. You may be thinking there are many negative characters that are popular, but here the point is popularity by winning the hearts of people.

I am not suggesting to contaminate your intention to help others just because you want to be popular; the idea is to experience how positivity affects your popularity.  Here popularity means your likeability as a person not as someone who is famous due to his status, having multiple cars, branded clothes, physical appearance or academic performance.

How to become more popular and known personality within a short time? Give the following ideas a try and ensure:

Be Vigilant and Ready To Help

In your university, you merely do not have to be a book warm or someone grabbing the attention of the opposite gender. You have to be watchful about what is going on around you. Who in your class is being bullied, who needs help, who do you think is having some personal issues, and that is why they are unable to focus on their studies. Try to figure out some productive ways to help them out. Be a real-life hero; the university is a great platform if you are desirous of making a contribution to society. In fact, studies suggest that the role you play at your academic institution greatly determines what you are going to do in your future life as well.

Be a Motivator and Mentor

The universities nowadays have dedicated departments for student’s motivation and counseling because each one of them has its own set of issues and they seek help. You will remain in people’s good books, and they will start respecting you because you have elevated them high. You saw someone sitting alone in the café, you gave them company and suggested how they may overcome, you told them how to manage work-life, you put a solution for them in case they share their worries with you, you help them reducing them their work burden and referring them how they can pay someone to do assignment and fulfill a family commitment.

Put Your Fears Aside and Participate In All the Activities

If you remained an introvert and less social in the past due to the fear of failure, forget it and begin a new life. Make a commitment to yourself that you will elevate as a totally confident, social, human-oriented and kind individual. You will experience as much as you can by engaging yourself in university activities. These can vary from university to university but assume they are rendering volunteer services in a free medical camp, leading a walk for disabled or against child labor, participating in a drama competition. There are many such opportunities that will introduce you to new people and build your repute. Avail those opportunities.

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