Innovative technologies make it possible for businesses to ‘survive’ in a world of fast-paced changes. But there’s one huge problem here. No matter how much these technologies help a business grow, employees usually find it hard to adapt to them. Can employers find a balance between progress and resistance to change?

Five Ways to Help Your Company Embrace New Technologies

Before you implement any new technology, you’ll need to prepare your employees for it. We’d love to help you with that! Check out our tips on how to help your team embrace the transition easily and make your company trendy!

Introduce the New Technology to Your Team

If you’re thinking about implementing new technology, you must first introduce it to your team in a clear way. The when, what, and why are extremely important! Your team will benefit from knowing the advantages of the new tools and how they can help the business follow the latest trends.

Create a PowerPoint presentation about the new technology, and teach it to your employees at the next meeting. They need to understand the basics of the tools before adapting to them! Educative follow-up videos will also help people learn about things you couldn’t cover in the presentation.

Turn the Learning Process Into an Employee-Led Project

The next step would be to let some employees teach the rest of your team about the new technology. This could be their own special task or project to lead! Employees are more motivated to learn when teammates are the ones to teach them. That’s because they resonate with them!

It’s also important to let people know that making a mistake or two while learning is fine. Instead of punishing them, support their efforts with stipends! Understand that there will be a learning curve, and encourage everyone to get motivated by mistakes instead of being brought down by them.

Train People to Use the New Tools

Next, plan how you’re going to help the project from the previous step. There are many training options you can choose from! You could host online meetings or go with in-person training if you feel like that will benefit your team. Creating a help center is a great idea too!

Some employees may need extra help, so it’s good to support their learning process with on-demand videos once they ask for them. Remember, it’s all about building your team’s skillset! In the end, evaluate everyone’s skills, and see how much progress you’ve all made. You’ll have a clearer perspective on things!

Expect and Encourage Feedback

Feedback is of utmost importance when you’re actively inspiring the employees to adapt to new technologies. Your team’s insight into everyone’s adjustment process is priceless! Be ready for great follow-up questions and explanations. The more you clarify things, the more motivated your team will be to learn about the new tools!

You can get everyone’s feedback through surveys and emails, or you can organize meetings and encourage constructive discussions. The most important thing here is to respect people’s opinions! You’re as important of a team member as everybody else is, and you ought to find the balance between leading and listening.

Wait for Your Employees to Adapt to the Changes

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your employees adapt in a heartbeat. Implementing new tools throughout the entire company takes time! Wait until people are comfortable with the new technologies before you can pick the fruits of your investment. It’ll be worth it in the end!

However, if your team is having a hard time adapting after lots of learning, you might have a problem. You may need to make revisions to the training methods then! To avoid this, listen to your employee’s feedback. If the current ways of teaching are ineffective, it’s better to make changes to them.

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