Business has evolved much in the last century, from humble local shops to worldwide corporations and beyond. As the times change, so must the business in order to survive, and the internet is perhaps the greatest tool ever to be made available to businesses. Through it, businesses have increased their reach, profits, customer service, and much, much more. As the internet continues to change and improve, so too will the efforts of every business connected to it. It’s no understatement to say that modern business depends on internet service for its continued success. Here’s how the internet reshaped the business world.

Greater Reach

Reaching new customers is how businesses grow, and before the internet, this task had do be done the hard way. Organic growth is no easy task even for a business with internet access, but without the internet it was even more challenging. The web has connected over four billion people from all over the world, providing modern businesses with an enormous pool of potential customers to which to market their products and services.

Where before it might have been difficult or impossible to reach customers overseas or across the country, it’s now as easy as the click of URL or swipe of your finger. Businesses all over the world are able to connect with customers they otherwise wouldn’t have known about; thus, expanding their reach tenfold and branching into new and exciting markets.

Newspaper ads and billboards are quickly becoming the second choice for businesses as far as advertising goes. While these options still have a place in the marketing world, the preferred method of reaching customers with ads is via the web. After all, that’s where the customers are. The average person in the US spends about six and a half hours per day on the internet; that’s one-quarter of a full day online!

The internet allows businesses to go where the customers already are instead of wondering how to reach them in everyday life. With a simple web ad, the potential for reach more than doubles, so your business will be seen by thousands instead of just a few dozen in a day.


You can’t exactly mention the internet without including eCommerce. The ability to sell online has massively overhauled the way businesses sell their products, with entire stores popping up on the web and marketplaces like eBay, Etsy, and Amazon making shopping more easy and convenient than ever.

Products from all over the world can be shipped just about anywhere via eCommerce, which only further connects different countries and cultures. You can get a hand-made chess set from Greece on Etsy or a book printed in Spain on eBay or Amazon; where before, you might not have ever known such products even existed! Businesses have taken advantage of the market, and now, there are between twelve and twenty-four million eCommerce sites on the web.

The modern business can more than double its sales by setting up eCommerce. In fact, many people now prefer to shop online rather than visiting a physical store, making eCommerce a must for retailers especially.

Many Options

ISPs from all over the world offer business-class internet services, and there are more options than ever available. Internet has become quite affordable for small and large businesses alike, and though it may seem like only a few options exist, there are, in fact, over 2,000 ISPs in the US today.

Businesses are able to create custom internet plans to meet their specific needs with more flexible providers. If your internet service needs an upgrade or you’re looking for better customer service, you can compare internet providers with

Social Media

While the effect that social media has had on businesses could warrant a twenty-page dissertation, for the sake of this article, we’ll keep it short and sweet. Social media has not only revolutionized the way we share ideas, interests, relationships, and information, it has also completely changed the way businesses reach customers.

Marketing is more effective than ever as nearly half the world’s population uses some form of social media, and the potential for reach continues to increase as social media grows. The modern business is only doing itself a disservice by not utilizing the free and versatile tool that is social media. In fact, most modern businesses have at least two to three social media accounts so as to reach the maximum number of potential customers possible.

Sites like Facebook and Instagram don’t only offer the chance to reach new people, but also an opportunity to study your marketing efforts in-depth. With analytics tools, you’ll better understand how your posts perform, who’s viewing them, and where your viewers are located. This information in itself is enough tom completely change the way your business markets, making your efforts far more efficient and cost-effective.