A lot of investment into research and development, and also, the improved capabilities that tile makers have are really starting to pay off for the makers of these ceramic tiles. To be more specific, a lot of advancements made in digital printing technology has enabled these manufactures to come up with new and game-changing designs and formats. These tiles are much better suited than ever before to meet the individual needs of the consumer and also being able to meet the commercial demands of tiles as well.

These newer technologies are able to achieve much better techniques for digital decoration and thus bring about aesthetics of the absolute highest quality and also bring about emerging formats. This means that there are now more choices than ever before and also tiles are being utilized in spaces you would not normally think they would be in. This growth of increased usage of ceramic tiles is expected to continue for the next five years.

Continuous investments made by the suppliers of these tiles are also bolstering the efficiency of production and speeding up the time it takes to get to the market. One thing that tile manufacturers need to pay special attention to is keeping with the emerging trends in the industry. The rate of change has also increased drastically due to the industry having a very strong grasp of tiling technology. Manufacturers are constantly monitoring the technology being utilized and are always looking to improve upon it. Digital printing technology has allowed manufacturers to create tiles that are so realistic that consumers are unable to distinguish between tiles and natural surfaces.

Let us now take a look at some of the technologies that are making waves in the tile industry.

Technology with Tiling Industry
Technology with Tiling Industry

HD Printing

Advancements made in printing technology have allowed manufacturers to supply their consumers with very high quality floor tiles. These tiles are able to mimic the look of natural materials like wood and marble very effectively. These products now are able to replicate the appearance of these natural kinds of materials. These advancements in printing technology have been an absolute game changer for designers.

One thing that is absolutely integral to creating tiles that have superior features with regards to detail, graphic designs is image resolution. These advancements in tiling have been able to come to fruition because of the investments in technology that manufacturers have been able to make. A lot of the examples of these improvements in digital printing technology has led manufacturers to be able to create accurate replicas of natural materials such as wood, resin, cement, etc.

The advancements in digital printing technology has, in fact, gotten so sophisticated that a lot of manufacturers are able to make tiles that are different from one piece to another, just like real products.

3D Looks

One other latest development in digital technology that has really changed the tiling game is 3D surfaces. Digital technology is able to offer an almost unlimited amount of solutions for graphics. This has the ability to eliminate any repetitiveness and also give the ceramic tiles a much more natural look. This allows manufacturers to make tiles that are a lot more realistic and also possess more tactile appeal. Tactile appeal is one of the key purchasing factors that has been able to grow the interest of consumers the world over.

Also, now that millennials are entering the housing market, what they are looking for is much more different than what the boomers looked for. Millennials want products to decorate with, that have safety and health as defining features. They are more in favor of the products which are able to replicate the look of natural materials as these give the user of the product the feeling that what they are using is more sustainable. Styles that are innovative and creative are also becoming trendier again and this is especially true in the commercial sectors. The commercial sector is one where designers want to do things a bit differently and thus showcase their own unique styles.

Porcelain Slabs

Tile vendors are continuously churning out unique designs and larger formats of tiles just to meet consumer demand. With this increased demand for newer designs, manufacturers are making use of newer technologies that allow them to make everything ranging from pretty mosaics to larger porcelain tile slabs.

Experts are suggesting that some of the latest porcelain tile panels are being able to open a lot of creative applications of tiles, in both residential and commercial spaces.

A lot of the newer designs in products like slabs of porcelain are able to offer consumers a lot more incentives to make use of tiles in more areas of the house rather than just in the usual spots like the washroom or the backsplashes. Experts are seeing a lot more convergence of designs that appeal to both the commercial and residential user. Experts predict that porcelain slabs are just starting to really enter the market and will continue to grow in popularity over the course of the next few years.

Just as with smartphones, the last advancements made in tiling technology has been able to very rapidly influence the industry as a whole. There now exists more options than ever before in the tiling market. This is completely down to the improved technology in tile manufacturing in general. As even more technological progress is made, it will allow designers to have much more artistic freedom and make better use of their creativity and uniqueness as a designer.

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