The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our way of living. From how we work, travel, shop, worship, etc., only a few areas of our lives have not been affected.

We must maintain social distance, work from home, and avoid crowded areas.

Despite the pandemic, we should embrace the new normal and continue with our daily activities adhering to the covid19 protocols to ensure our safety.

Tablet Tech

In regards to getting back to our normalcy, businesses continue to reopen. We all need to adjust to a different living style. Technology and devices like tablets play a vital role in a situation where we all need to adapt to a different living style.

The question is, how will tablets help in business reopening in a time that we need to be more vigilant and have many health measures to adhere to? Relax, read along to find out.

Traffic Counting and a Digital Signage

Since social distance and sanitation are among the measures advised by most governments in the fight against the pandemic, signage is essential.  Using a magnetic stand, you can place a tablet at the entrance of your business premises to remind your customers about hand sanitation, wearing masks, and maintaining social distance.

Since the tablet has a traffic counting gadget, the customers will be notified when the required number is hit and when to enter.

Secure Personal Data

To ensure the privacy of your customers, the individual’s result can be customized. For instance, if the tablet detects a high temperature, you will receive a message from the tablet asking you to step aside and wait for assistance from a customer service agent.

Some tablets have an HDMI output to reflect results in a second screen – it can be on a security or reception screen.

Online Queuing and Customer Check-in

In organizations such as banks, tablets are playing a significant role in online queuing and customer check-in. Customers can use the tablet to book an appointment or queue online using the QR key on a busy day.


Coronavirus pandemic has indeed changed how people view public places. Many people do not trust such places for fear of contamination.

A recent survey of consumers in shows that:

  • 34% of customers moved to a less crowded store
  • 19% moved to a store they thought was cleaner
  • 16% opted for the store with the best delivery services or pickup options

On the other side, the research also finds that one in every four people was hesitant about going back to their workplace.

When both the workers and customers are changing the way they look at things, as an organization, you should invest in sanitation and safe services.

With a tablet in place, you will know what and where to make some changes through their feedback to enhance your customer’s satisfaction.

Crowd Management

Although people avoid visiting places with a high population, some are also eager to go shopping. Since buildings such as malls have many visitors, tablets will assist in managing the crowd.

By using actual-time mapping and crowd management data available on a hand-based tablet, you will detect where there are many people and know how to disperse them.

Despite using tablets to ensure a smooth reopening of your business, you should also check on possible factors that can prevent you from getting your business back to its feet. By following the steps below, you protect yourself from being infected and ensure the security of your employees and that of your customers.

Have Your Employees Undergo the COVID-19 Test

Educate your staff about covid19. Ensure they undergo the test to determine whether they are infected. Use a contactless thermometer to check on their temperature. Remember that many coronavirus victims do not show any symptoms, and therefore having a fever does not necessarily mean you are infected. However, if any of your staff shows COVID-like signs, they should seek doctors’ advice immediately.

Have a Flexible Leave Policy

Allow your staff to have sick leave whenever they feel unwell. You can also allow them to take care of their families in case they are needed. By doing so, you can retain your faithful employees rather than having new staff now and then.

Social distance and hand sanitizing should be practiced all the time to keep the virus at bay.

COVID-19 has brought with it a lot of changes. However, we should be smart and take advantage of smart devices such as tablets to cope with the new normal.

If you need help reopening your business, get yourself a tablet, and enjoy the new technology.

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