Proxies are simply the intermediaries for the requests that come from clients to other servers. You have probably come across the term one too many times but have no idea of what it is about. Well, the function of proxies is to ensure that your activities on servers remain private and secure. There is the regular proxies and the sneaker proxies. While their roles are more or less similar. A few differences exist.

What a regular proxy does is control the information that leaves a site. They are also capable of controlling what can be accessed on the website by servers and what cannot. Proxies are also used to mask public IPs for one reason or the other. Could be security reasons, to over jump firewalls or to allow access to restricted websites. What is a sneaker proxy? Well, as the name suggests, sneaker proxies are a kind of proxy servers dedicated to the purchase of shoes from sneaker sites. One primary characteristic of a sneaker proxy is that it is usually fast and has residential IPs.

How are sneaker proxies different from the regular proxies?

  1. They are fast

As aforementioned, you will find that these servers are faster than the regular ones. If you are big on sneakers, you need something that works fast. Gone are the days that people have to queue in stores to get the latest editions of sneakers. Everything is done online. While it is convenient, if you are not fast enough, you might end up being disappointed. The sneaker proxies have to be fast and reliable to save you from being the last one in the line, or worse still, be locked out from purchase.

  1. They protect your identity

Sneaker proxies are the ideal proxies to use as they will give you protection and anonymity. Remember that there is so much information that you are sharing while purchasing the sneakers. Such include your address and even credit card information. While there are man-in-the-middle (MITM) attackers waiting on you to make a move to hack, you will need such proxies to keep your information from landing in the wrong hands.

  1. Sneaker proxies bypass restrictions

You have probably tried to access a website but could not because servers from your country are restricted. This is something you will no longer have to worry about if you have sneaker proxies. You can always access a website as you will appear as a ‘local.’ How amazing is that?

  1. They will allow you to cop

If you are looking to cop sneakers, there no other ways around it. You need to have a sneakers proxy. If you intend to bank on bots only to help you with that, you will not get far with it. Using bots for copping is illegal and you will be banned from the sneaker websites. However, if you have sneaker proxies by your side, you could do it with the bots also in play without breaking a sweat.

Note that sneakers websites can be restrictive and mostly sell limited editions for a short time, you need all the help you can get to make sure that you secure the latest release in good time.

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