In an e-commerce world, the integration of the ever-popular social networking platforms is proving a stumbling block for many. However, new apps like Sessia are combating the issues by building a social network that comes complete with online selling as a built-in function.

By using blockchain technology, Sessia is able to counter the weak points of older, more established selling platforms and social media sites. When it comes to buyer protection, ease of use, and a reward scheme that is unmatched, Sessia is fast becoming the must-have business app of 2019. Rather than following the setup of established platforms, Sessia is revolutionizing both online socializing and e-commerce. Here’s how.

1: Blockchain Powered

While you might think that the blockchain is only of interest to cryptocurrency collectors, its uses are far more extensive than that. Businesses of all kinds need to be looking at how blockchain tech can improve their business models, and Sessia has used the technology to build their app. With a mission of helping both consumers and businesses, Sessia uses business blockchain technology efficiently for improved security and open transparency. Compare that to companies like Facebook, who are still struggling with privacy and e-commerce integration.

2: Ease of Use

Setting up a website for a business to sell through can be expensive and time-consuming. Sessia is a free app that comes complete with an easy to set up store option, so businesses are able to register and start selling using nothing more than their smartphone. Once you have uploaded your products, it is possible to start selling immediately, and that means that it is becoming a real presence in the e-commerce sector.

3: Marketing Costs

Marketing is vital for modern businesses, but it can be very challenging to design the right campaign and ensure that the right people see it. Sessia has changed the way that marketing works. When a consumer buys a product through Sessia, they get the option to have that purchase shown in their contact’s feeds. If they do, they get cashback. If one of their contacts then goes on to make the same purchase, then the original buyer will receive a kickback reward. This means that people are being encouraged to promote a business or product and being rewarded for it. This unique marketing model is saving businesses money and could be the key to a higher audience reach.

4: Communication Boosts

It’s vital that brands perfect their communication channels with their loyal customers. That’s why WhatsApp marketing has become one of the big marketing trends of 2019. Sessia has built an internal messaging function much in the same design as you’d expect to see on Facebook Messenger. Users and businesses are able to exchange messages, even send stickers, pictures, and voices message, meaning that they will be able to continue using Sessia in the same way that they use Instagram or Facebook. The fact that brands are able to incorporate the same function means that they have unparalleled access to their target audience, and that can only be positive in terms of engagement and improving brand loyalty.

Sessia is an innovative platform that is removing many of the barriers that exist between social media and e-commerce. By building a platform that incorporates the best of both, Sessia is changing the way that people shop and socialize on their phones. With the growing importance of m-commerce, Sessia looks set to revolutionize the relationships between brands and the people that buy from them.

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