Security is everything in today’s world: as marketplaces go global and every company is connected to thousands of others, any minor breach can lead to a major headache for every business owner. Thankfully, the same Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that streamlines your operations can also give you a vital edge in the fight against hackers, data breaches, and insecure data transmission.

NetSuite is a vital component of running a modern business, as it gives you the ability to access nearly everything your business would need from one software; however, it’s also a crucial element of keeping your data safe. With regular security patches and strong compliance with all industry standards, this is a program that has withstood the test of time, remaining a top contender in the business world for 25 years. Today, we’ll examine how NetSuite can improve your company’s security posture without sacrificing any functionality.

Data Encryption Protects Your Information at Both Ends

Data transmission is a vulnerable moment for your business when using any software because a breach from either the transmitter or receiver can leave both parties open to attack. However, NetSuite encrypts data during both storage and transmission, meaning that no one can access it without the decryption keys.

By storing your decryption keys outside of the database where the data is held, you create an environment where no one can access your information unless they take control of your entire process. Even should that happen, NetSuite automatically backs up all of your data on its own servers, making it easier to sort everything out and get back to work.

NetSuite Uses Strong APIs to Integrate Third-Party Platforms

The joins between cloud-based software and third-party platforms can be weak if you’re using an unreliable ERP, but thankfully, NetSuite utilizes secure Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to liaise with other programs. Like decryption keys, this means that no one can access the data unless they have the specific key provided by the API.

When you use an established NetSuite provider like, they can assist you in retrieving and implementing these keys with your third-party programs in order to ensure that communication is seamless between NetSuite and the other software that you use. Should something compromise one of these third-party platforms, you don’t need to worry: NetSuite itself has strong security controls and will ensure that none of your information is imperiled by issues with another one of your providers. Access Control Ensures Employees Only Use What They Need

Unfortunately, many data breaches arise from untrained employees that access information beyond the scope of their work. Sometimes this is malicious, though usually accidental, but regardless, the end result is the same: mistaken data deletions, changed information, and a scramble to fix things that have been compromised.

NetSuite allows you to customize controls so that your employees only have access to what they need rather than full control over everything. You can lock things down by functionality, revoke access, and add additional permissions as needed. This means that your sales staff will only have access to sales information, customer service representatives can see customer relation management details, and your stockers can see inventory and procurement forms as their jobs require.

This also helps in training and onboarding, as you’ll only need to teach your employees information within the scope of their work. Everyone gets the functionality they need to succeed – and nothing they don’t.

Using NetSuite With a VPN Adds an Extra Layer of Protection

When you need even more robust production, adding a highly secure VPN in addition to NetSuite can create an impenetrable fortress around your data. While NetSuite protects your data, a VPN protects your internet connection, which is an essential consideration if you have employees working remotely. While remote work is incredibly useful and can boost productivity, it also leaves you vulnerable to data breaches thanks to insecure connections: relying on both NetSuite’s strong data encryption and reliable VPN connection protection will ensure that you have powerful protection against insidious actors.

An added bonus is that if you have to travel for work, you can still get all the benefits from NetSuite outside of the country without worrying about working from a potentially dangerous hotel WiFi, as your connection stays safe thanks to your VPN.

You want to protect your business from all harmful influences, as it’s your strongest asset; at the same time, you need great management software that lets you do more with less. Thankfully, you can enjoy all of these benefits when you implement NetSuite, as it provides fantastic security for all of your data from every side.

With strong data encryption, well-managed APIs, fully customizable access control, and seamless functionality with VPNs, you can secure your business from all sides while still getting maximum productivity – and, therefore, profitability.

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