If you are a parent, chances are that you will have problems with your child leaving the house at odd hours, or returning at midnight. While you cannot stop him/her from leading his/her life, you can always check out what your kid is doing. That means checking out their phone and making sure that you know about their phone conversations and texts. This is where keylogger apps come into place.

What Is A Keylogger & How It Works?

A keylogger is spy software, which helps you to know what is being typed in the device that you are using. Generally, basic keyloggers monitor and record only the keystrokes. On the other hand, more advanced keyloggers also take screenshots, and monitor other functions being carried out in the device.

One of the benefits of the keylogger is that you don’t need to install any additional software or hardware to capture the keys or screenshots. The parent software will take care of everything and will even send the details it captures to the resultant device.

What Type of Keylogger Exists

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Keyloggers can be of different types, including basic, software based or even hardware based. Additionally, it can also be segregated depending on the platform like Android or iOS or even encrypterd keylogger. So, if you are a parent who is worried about what his/her kid is doing, then you can try out hoverwatch parental tracker.

Why Do You Need Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is an advanced software that helps you to check out what your kid is doing without letting him/her know. It includes certain other features like checking out location, texts, calls, Facebook and Whatsapp messages of the target phone. Now, if you are a worried parent, you will need these features to help you know what your child is doing at any time. In fact the GPS feature of Hoverwatch will definitely help you know where your kid is at anytime. This will prevent against kidnappings or in case your child is lost somewhere.

What Features Does The Hoverwatch Keylogger Have?

One of the basic advantages of the Hoverwatch keylogger app is that it works for Android phones. That means you can use any smartphone to install it and watch the app do wonders. The hoverwatch keylogger apps for an Android phone helps in checking call data and call recording. It keeps a detailed log of all the conversations held in the phone so that you can check out who your child is speaking to.

Moreover, it also monitors the text messages, and the messages on Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, Viber, and even MMS or video messages that are sent to and from the phone. Another advantage of the hoverwatch keylogger program is that it notes down the location of the device as well. This means if your child is supposed to come home from tuition but is missing, you can check out the location of the device, and know where your child is. This will stop the unnecessary worry that is present in today’s scenario.

Another advantage of the Hoverwatch app is its stealth. This means once you have installed the app on the target device, the owner will not know about its existence. Even if you have an unrooted device, the app and your spying will remain invisible to the device owner.

This can come in handy when you are trying to check what your teenagers are doing. As you know, teenagers are really fussy, and hence getting them to agree on something can be really tough. However, with this keylogger app, you don’t need to worry about them agreeing about the installation.

Other features include checking the SIM activity, checking the internet activity and usage, viewing the photos taken on the device and monitoring multiple devices from the same account.


Hoverwatch comes in three different plans to aid all types of people. If you are choosing for personal use, you can always go for the personal plan, which costs $24.95 per month or $99.95 annually.

If you are a small company owner, you can choose the professional plan, which costs only $9.99 per device per month. You can also choose a cumulative package of 5 devices for $49.95 monthly or $199.95 annually.

Lastly, if you are a corporate user, then you can choose the business plan, which costs only $6 per user per month after the initial one. The tracking of 25 devices cost $149.95 per month or $499.95 annually.


Keylogger apps are a norm nowadays for not only company owners, but also parents. While trusting someone is good, problems that arise out of certain situations also needs to be addressed, and having keylogger apps installed in employee or kids’ phones helps in mitigating legal or other problems. Now that you have an idea of what keylogger apps are and how they work, it is time to install one in your kids’ mobile and see how useful they can be.

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