There are times when you miss your old friends and feel like talking to them again. However, you no longer have their contact details, and they have already relocated somewhere else. So, is there any way to find a long-lost friend online?

It would be a difficult question 20 years ago. But today, you can easily find your long-lost friends by using some of the easiest ways possible. The methods that we will discuss today will surely help you find your friends from any corner of the world. 

In this article, you will learn what people finder is and how you can use it to find your old friends online.

Method1: Using CocoFinder

If you want to search for someone, then using a people search tool is the best option you have. 

CocoFinder’s website is one of the most prominent people finders in the world. You can use this application to know if someone has a criminal history or any unpaid debts in their name. Additionally, you can do all this without even creating an account. Hence, you stay anonymous throughout the whole process.

The best thing about this application is that you get all the accurate data from them. All the data is taken from reliable sources and can be trusted without any issues.

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CocoFinder’s people search allows you to know everything about a person by entering their first and last name. To improve the search results, you can add some more information in this people’s directory. 

The process is called people search. Usually, these services are used to do a background check on someone. However, you can still use them to search for a long-lost friend online.

What Can You Get From CocoFinder’s Search Results?

CocoFinder can show you every detail about a person. Here are some of the things that you can check:

  • Current residents with the updated address
  • Background checks to know about someone’s past activities
  • Details of their relatives and acquaintances
  • Financial records from credible sources
  • Details of past and running businesses of the person

Method2: Using Social Media Platforms

In this social media era, it is much easier to find someone by just using their name. All you need is to search for their name on some of the most popular social media platforms. After that, you can browse through the search results and check the profile picture to confirm it. 

Additionally, several advanced features allow you to do in-depth research on any person.

Here are some of them:

For Facebook: if you want to search for your friend on Facebook, then it can show them under the mutual friend’s section. It is because there are chances that some of your other friends are in touch with him/her. Hence, search for the name, and it will appear at the top of the search results.

For LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a place where professionals meet and create a network with fellow professionals. However, it has a search option that allows you to search for people with their profession. Hence, you can add the name of your friend and add their work details to improve the search results. The chances are that you will indeed find your friend on the list.

For Instagram: Instagram has the highest number of active users on social media platforms right now. Hence, you can check the Instagram profiles by entering their name. There are better chances of finding your friend as it will browse their name and username with your keyword. That way, you can find your friend on this online platform.

Method3: Google Search

Google is the largest search engine in the world. It knows almost everything in the world. Within a second, it can access the most extensive database in the world. Hence, you can search for your long-lost friend through a google search. 

You can find some articles or news published about them. This process may not sound helpful. However, there are many other methods to use Google to find someone. Google search algorithm can find people from all the social media platforms too. Hence, there are chances that you might have missed one of the social media profiles through direct search.

Additionally, Google has a new option to list yourself on the search engine as a professional. Hence, it can fetch the results from the same and help you meet you after a long time.

Quick Tip: Try to google for their family members along with their name for a related search. Sometimes, it works, and you can get some unexpected results from it.

Method4: Local Research

Alright. We believe that you will find your friend from the above methods. However, if you still without a clue about your friend’s whereabouts, then this is the best solution for you. You need to carry out local research about your friend.

Start by writing down their details on a paper. Add everything that you know about them. Their last name, friend’s name, family member, and everything that you can think of. After that, you can check some of the public institutions or interest groups that provide data on their members. 

Local research can also include calling your friends and asking them about the person you are looking for. The chances are that one of them must be in touch with that lost friend. 

You can also contact charities like Look4them  to get the available details about your friend. That way, you can get the current information of your friends to catch up with them.  

Final Words


No one wants to lose their best friends. However, finding lost friends can be a challenging task. The methods that we mentioned above will help find your long-lost friend through online and offline search directories. You just need to keep some of their details like Name and last address handy.

After that, you can use any of these search directories to find related results for your friend’s profile. Using CocoFinder and LinkedIn can increase your chances of meeting your friends drastically. Hence, stay positive and try out these excellent methods yourself.

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