A project manager is a very responsible post as they have to manage single or multiple projects. They also have to deal with the team working on the project and the client who has assigned the project. There are many certifications dealing into management and PMP is one of the toughest. If a person clears that, he can get a good job in an MNC.

There are many institutes available online and offline who provide PMP Training where an individual can make a wise choice to undertake the course to become a proficient project manager.

pmp certification

According to PMI, people who have successfully done the PMP certification are getting 36% higher salary. The certification increases the skill level of a candidate and he can get a high salary job after doing the certification successfully.

Here are the reasons to look at how mastery in PMP can enable professionals to expand the graph of their career.

#Competitive edge of PMP

Currently, many people have enrolled for the certification in order to enhance their resume. The certification will separate them from those candidates who are either not certified or have not done PMP certification. If a recruiter sees PMP certification on a resume, it is an advantage for a candidate. PMP is a reputed certification and is considered as one of the toughest one.

#Makes the resume outstanding

The certification is globally recognized and a candidate has to go through many obstacles in order to clear the certification. The candidate has to inform the recruiter about all the challenges that he met with while doing the certification.

Project management certification is essential for a beginner and it will add value to the resume. The recruiters also prefer those candidates who have done certifications and this makes easy for them to shortlist the candidates.

Surveys have shown that the recruiters divide the resumes into two categories – one with PMP certification and one without it. PMP certification is preferred to any master degree.

#Knowledge of a common global language

PMP training helps the candidate to become proficient for the project management and the global standard language helps him to be registered with the project managers and the executives. PMP lets the candidate know about the project goals, resources, assumptions, risks, and stakeholders.

The training also helps to improve communication and if a candidate becomes proficient in project management procedures, an employer will prefer him.  PMP language helps the candidate to communicate with the team, vendors, and clients and also helps him explaining anything to them.

#Demand for Certified Project Managers

Project managers are in high demands in small as well as large organizations. According to a survey, 40% of the IT companies need project managers especially those who have done PMP. Project handling trend is changing constantly and so the company needs the managers to handle the new trends.

New projects come daily in the market and it will increase the need of project managers. These are the main reasons that the job for project management professionals is rising.

#Networking Opportunities

In order to become PMP, a candidate can opt for the membership of any institute that provides PMP certification. These institutes help the candidate to get in touch with other certified managers. PMI 2016 annual report has shown the result that more than 740,000 professionals are spread in the world and there are more to come.

These institutes arrange meetings at many places so that the members come here and get more knowledge about the project management industry and network. These meetings also help the PMPs to set up professional development units to renew the certification. The networking sessions provide job opportunities for professionals.

Time is allotted for the organizations to put the job opportunities. PMPs can also build online and offline communities to know more about career opportunities.


There are many prerequisites of the people who want to take up the PMP exam. These prerequisites are designed by various organizations. The prerequisites are given here

  • High level of experience for thousands of hours should be achieved.
  • 60 months of experience with an associate’s degree is necessary for legibility.
  • 36 months of work experience for a person having a bachelor degree.
  • An audit is also conducted to check the honesty of the candidates who have applied for the PMP exam.

If PMP is mentioned in the resume, then the employers already know that the candidate has done hard work to achieve this certification.

Aftereffects of Completing a Mastery in PMP

#Freedom to work anywhere

PMP certification is globally accepted and the candidate gets a chance of working anywhere after completing the certification successfully. A PMP certified professional has the opportunity to let the employers know about his experience and expertise.

#Increase in salary

The candidates who hold PMP certification can get a hike in their salaries and if they are fresher, they will be hired with a high salary in comparison to those who have not done the certification. The research of a survey has told that a candidate having this certification can get 17% more salary comparatively.

#Market Reach and Scope

PMP professionals can join a global community or forum and they will come in contact with many other professionals who can guide to search for a job. They can also discuss insights, and share their experience. In this way, they can help each other and inform them of the latest trends and development in the project management industry.

#Better Job Opportunities

PMP professionals have more job opportunities as the employers look for proficient project managers and they are aware of the fact that PMP certifications holders are much more talented and hardworking in comparison to non-PMP holders. Surveys have told that 80% of the projects are being handled by PMP professionals.

#Challenging projects

PMP certified professionals have the ability of handling challenging projects, so they get the same from the organization. They have the dedication of handling such projects and as they have experience and knowledge of handling them.

Candidates who are eligible for the exam need both experience and education and the certified professional has the skills of directing such projects.

#Better Project Performance

Project managers who do not have PMP certification lack the efficiency of performing better in comparison to the PMP certified professionals. In the PMP exam, the candidates are tested on the basis of the management processes, which include

  • Initiating
  • Planning
  • Executing
  • Monitoring
  • Controlling and closing the project

This helps the manager to become efficient in all the management processes and he can perform better comparatively.

Along with the management processes, the PMP candidates also have to go through various knowledge areas of project management which include

  • project scope management
  • integration management
  • human resource management
  • cost management
  • quality management
  • procurement management

Final Say

PMP certified professionals are in high demand the professionals can do better project management and can handle critical and challenging projects. The professionals are familiar with the different processes that are used to handle a project and deliver it successfully. The demand of these professionals is increasing, so people are trying hard to pass the PMP certification successfully as it is very tough.

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